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Student sound-off: types of housing

“I’m quite tired of the dining hall food at this point. I try to get my money’s worth out of it by using it, but if I had the option, I probably wouldn’t pay for it."

Four tips for turning stuffy living space into decluttered paradise

Your space should be somewhere that is seen as a haven or place of comfort. Don’t allow clutter to prevent you from experiencing ease at home.

Guide to off-campus housing: Survive, thrive while learning ropes of leasing

If you’re moving out of residence halls and feeling excited for life off campus, spend some time reading through this guide. You’ll be glad when you’re enjoying your new home with your friends, not suffering over utilities or worrying about subleasing.

Tales of dorm life: professors remember campus living

“We knew everybody in the dorm,” Morrison said. “I just remember it being really small. It was on the edge of campus at that time … It was a quiet part of campus.”

Commuting for hope, 100 miles at a time

Hope is in no short supply for Austin junior Hailey Pearson. Graduating from college has been a dream of hers since childhood, one that she’s determined to fulfill no matter how many early mornings on the road it takes.

Homey finds for your life

It takes a bit to add a personal touch to a new living space and make it feel like your own. The A&L staff is here to make that process a little easier by revealing all the items that make our houses or apartments feel like home.

Baylor’s residence halls meet the enneagram

A popular Christian personality test, the enneagram shines light on many different personalities. Here are the Baylor residence halls as each enneagram type.

Collaging your college home

If that blank wall in your apartment or dorm is staring back at you, don’t get a cheap flag or a pre-made collage, go make one yourself.


Renter tip: Don’t sign lease before reading

A nightmare of a living situation can ensue if students haven’t thoroughly read their contracts and done research before moving in and signing with their housing complex. First-time residents can be easily walked over simply due to a lack of experience.

Roommates: More or fewer?

Depending on the situation, having more or fewer roommates can work in your favor or against you.

URSA speed bumps or Mount Everest?

At that moment, I thought, “Oh good heavens, did I accidentally run over something or somebody?” I hadn’t. It was just the good old URSA speed bumps.

Set boundaries early for success with roommates

When deciding who to live with, it is crucial to understand what things are essential to cultivating your ideal living space.


Students move into The Row

Residents of the Row finally moved in after construction delays postponed the move-in date by almost a month. Final inspections were completed Tuesday and tenants began unloading their cars and moving into their units around 3 p.m. Wednesday.
Community leaders aren’t just Baylor’s fancy title for resident advisers. For almost a decade, CLs have been described as “much more than enforcing rules and doing routine room inspections,” according to a 2013 article from The Baylor Lariat.
Browning Square and the Quadrangle — Baylor-provided graduate housing — give students a quaint space to relax and study.
Between in-state and out-of-state students, experiences differ, especially when it comes to moving in for a new year of college.
Two strangers found their way to each other and four years later, will now be each others bridesmaids in their weddings, all because of a Facebook group chat and the eagerness to find a roommate for freshman year.