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Lariat TV News: Scott Drew stays, total solar eclipse and student reaction

This week on Lariat TV News, we bring you a major update regarding men’s basketball. Next, a historic total solar eclipse stunned the Baylor community and visitors from around the world, and LTVN gets students’ perspectives on both stories.

Eclipse Over Texas brings once-in-a-lifetime solar event to Waco

While the event included a multitude of booths, food and educational speakers, the main show was the nearly pitch-black atmosphere during full totality. After today, a total solar eclipse will not cross the path of North America again until 2044, but even then, totality won’t be visible from Texas.

Diadeloso and Eclipse Over Texas: What you need to know

As Waco prepares to welcome a projected 100,000 visitors on Monday for Eclipse Over Texas, this year’s Diadeloso will be a uniquely busy one. But with all the buzz and excitement comes some confusion and questions. Here’s what you need to know about how the day is going to work.

Broadway comes to Baylor with first performance of ‘American Eclipse’

Broadway stars will join Baylor’s Theatre Department for the first public performance of the musical “American Eclipse,” which tells the story of the boom of American science during the 19th century.

What to Do in Waco: April 5 – 11

Diadeloso week is here! With the university’s favorite day and a total solar eclipse happening at the same time, there’s no shortage of activities in Waco and on campus. Here’s a look at the week ahead.

Art Center Waco exhibit showcases solar eclipse in its totality

To complement the art of the natural world, Art Center Waco is featuring its Eclipse: Shining Shadows exhibit through May 4.

Column: Where to watch the eclipse in Waco

With the stress of classes, eclipse plans may not be top priority for everyone. So, here is a list of watch parties you and your friends can join to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime experience on April 8 in Waco.

Eclipse Over Texas to celebrate last total eclipse visible from Lone Star State until year 3000

April 8 will be the last time a total solar eclipse passes over Texas until the year 3000. To celebrate, Baylor University, Lowell Observatory, Discovery and the City of Waco are collaborating in Eclipse Over Texas: Live from Waco.

April eclipse to overshadow sun, but not Diadeloso

With Eclipse Over Texas and Diadeloso both taking place on April 8, it’s not just the sun and moon that will align. Although Waco is estimated to host over 100,000 visitors, the focus of the day will still be Baylor students — and maybe the sudden daytime darkness.

  • Kassidy Tsikitas | Photo Editor