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The Baylor Lariat is a multi-media outlet for the students of Baylor University.  Through the Lariat, we are able to share relevant information to the Baylor community in real time through the use of our website (, the Morning Buzz E-Newsletter, Lariat TV News and the Baylor Lariat App.

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The Baylor Lariat Advertising Rates

The Baylor Lariat has shifted its news content to our e-newsletter, The Morning Buzz.  Print publications are now reserved for special events and topics that are directly related to Baylor and its community.  If you would like to subscribe to The Morning Buzz, please click the button below.

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July 2024

Spring 2024

Welcome Back Spring January 18, 2024

Black History Month February 1, 2024

All-University Sing February 16, 2024

Women’s History Month February 28, 2024

March Madness March 18, 2024

Spring Wedding Edition April 3, 2024

Lariat’s Choice April 24, 2024

Summer visitors’ guide – – – May 15, 2024

Fall 2023

Welcome Back Edition August 21, 2023

Baylor Football Preview August 30, 2023

Housing Edition September 13, 2023

Foodie Special October 4, 2023

Homecoming Edition October 26, 2023

Holiday Special November 8, 2023

Lariat’s Choice! November 30, 2023

Baylor Lariat Advertising Policies

  1. All advertisements must be prepaid without exception.
  2. The regulations, prices and deadlines set forth in the rate and information schedule apply to all advertisers.
  3. Any checks that are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $25 fee, and the customer will no longer be allowed pay by check.
  4. All rates are net (non-commissioned) to The Baylor Lariat.  It is the responsibility of all agencies to determine their own commissions and discounts in addition to this rate.
  5. The Baylor Lariat reserves the right to reject or revise any advertising deemed to: adversely affect the integrity or credibility of the newspaper as a source of truthful and accurate information; be distasteful to most of the readers served by the newspaper; be in conflict with the Christian education mission of Baylor University; or falsely imply endorsement by the university.
  6. The Baylor Lariat does not accept advertisements for any type of alcoholic beverage, coupon books, weapons, credit cards without credit check, research papers, personals (including adoption), contraceptives, insurance policies, law firms seeking suit, sperm/ovum donations, tobacco or any advertisement related to abortions.
  7. Place and page position requests will be honored if possible, but not guaranteed unless reserved with payment for premium positioning.
  8. The responsibility for the content of the advertisement lies solely with the advertiser, who unconditionally agrees to hold The Baylor Lariat harmless should a claim arise and pay for any and all expenses incurred as a result of publication of an ad.
  9. Should an ad not be published as ordered, The Baylor Lariat will not be held responsible for any of the losses or damages caused as a result. Should there be an error in an ad, the Baylor Lariat’s liability is limited to the amount paid for the portion of the ad containing the error.
  10. Due to costs associated with redesigning the newspaper after an advertising deadline, any advertisement cancelled after deadline will be subject to a penalty up to the full cost of the ad ordered.  In addition, changes to advertisements after deadline will also be subject to additional charges and in some cases may not be possible. 
  11. Make-goods or credit adjustments will made for the portion of the ad in error.  It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify The Baylor Lariat of significant errors within three days of publication. The Baylor Lariat will be responsible for first-run errors only.
  12. Proofs are available upon request by 10 a.m. on business day before publication. All corrections or changes must be received no later than 2:30 p.m on the business day before publication.
  13. A charge of $2 per column inch will be made for ads created at the customers’ request and then cancelled without insertion.
  14. The Baylor Lariat is not responsible for errors when copy is submitted after deadline.
  15. The Baylor Lariat will not be responsible for errors when a proof has been approved by the advertiser or when “camera ready” copy containing errors has been supplied by the advertiser.