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Holiday News

Best gifts to give your friend or significant other

Gift ideas for your loved ones this season.

Latin American students share traditions during holidays

International students celebrate the holidays in both similar and different ways, depending on the countries they are from. Many have their own traditions according to their culture.

Preparations begin for Black Friday deals

From waking up at 3 a.m. to standing in lines for hours, shoppers across the nation spend Thanksgiving weekend in the stores striking up holiday deals.

Christmas on 5th returns

Christmas on Fifth Street is back on campus after the event was livestreamed last year due to COVID-19. The event is scheduled for Dec. 2 and will feature live music, holiday-themed activities, local vendors and food trucks.

Santa’s Workshop spreads holiday cheer to Waco ISD

The student organization continues to serve children from lower-income families and spread the joy of Christmas.

Holiday Arts

Friendsgiving is a time to be surrounded by your closest friends, relax and just spend time together. It doesn’t have to look perfect or live up to certain expectations.
Looking for something fun to do over Thanksgiving break in Waco? Check out this list of upcoming events from Nov. 19 - Nov. 28.

Holiday Opinions

Thanksgiving deserves to feast all November long

The issue with the Christmas season is that it starts too early. Every year on Nov. 1, everyone moves to put away the spooky Halloween decorations and put up the "Merry Christmas" ones. Mariah Carey infests every shopping mall in America, and other Christmas songs begin to fill the airwaves. By starting the season early, we are not only oversaturating Christmastime but also neglecting an equally great holiday: Thanksgiving.

Holiday Sports

Sports Take: Holidays are always better with sports

Over the past few decades, the holidays have become synonymous with sports and are better because of it.
Morgan Dowler | Cartoonist
Morgan Dowler | Cartoonist