Baylor under federal Title IX investigation

By Gavin Pugh | Digital Managing Editor In response to complaints filed by Baylor’s former Title IX coordinator, Patty Crawford, the Department of Education opened...




Martin Museum of Art showcases international competition

Seth Jones | ReporterThe Texas Photographic Society is currently displaying its international competition, The TPS 25, at Baylor's Martin Museum of Art. The Texas...

Waco Pumpkin Patch

By Lindsey McLemore | ReporterFor 11 years, Waco families have flocked to the pumpkin patch at Central Christian Church, Waco. Every October, the church’s grassy...

Take a study break to enjoy Baylor’s Fall Break

Pumpkin picking, camping, fall flicks and haunted houses are a few things to do while staying in Waco this extended weekend.

Homecoming floats: From start to finish

Baylor sororities and fraternities share the work they put in to making Homecoming floats possible for the Homecoming parade.

Thomas Csorba seeks music career while attending Baylor

By Seth Jones | Reporter Houston sophomore Thomas Csorba lives a busy life, balancing the full workload of a business major while pursuing a music...