Best gifts to give your friend or significant other

Lariat writer Lexi Masarweh has some suggestions for gift ideas this holiday season. Audrey La | Photographer

By Lexi Masarweh | Staff Writer

Homemade cookies

Homemade cookies are an inexpensive way to let your loved ones know you have been thinking about them. Concord, Calif., junior Sarah Hamilton said she would gift these to her friends. Price range: $5 to $10.


San Clemente, Calif., junior Shaye Pettis said she loves wearing jewelry and it is something easy to put on. She said she would love to receive this because it is a token of remembrance of the person who gave it to her. Price range: $20 to $110.


You can get a poster of their favorite artist or band, and they can hang it up in their room as decoration and enjoy looking at their preferred artist. Prices vary but typically go from $15 to $20.

Matching sweatshirts

Pettis said this is the gift she would ideally like to receive from her significant other. She said she loves to match and thinks this would be cute to do with a boyfriend. Price range: $18 to $40.

Concert tickets

Now that in-person concerts are returning, you and your friends have the opportunity to enjoy live music. You can find tickets using websites like seatgeek. Prices vary depending on the artist.


Flowers are a way to show appreciation for your friend or significant other. Hamilton said she would give flowers to her friends. Price range: $19 to $70.

Framed picture of you and your friend or significant other

Pettis said she would like to receive a framed picture of her and her significant other because she could put it up in her room and see it every day. Price range: $9 to $40.

Comfy hoodie

A comfy hoodie is essentially a blanket that you can wear — a clothing item that will keep you warm during the holiday season. Price range: $37 to $45.