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Sing Alliance: The Buzz at the Bee

Sing Alliance brough the spelling bee to college with a huge appeal, and theres no need to spell it out. The singing was well done, but the backdrop should have stayed in elementary school.

Kappa Omega Tau: Sweet Gingerbread Man

Kappa Omega Tau might have stunned the audience, but their chorea was half-baked and could have used some icing on top. Although the act had many wow factors, including the missing limb, it left a burnt taste and many crumbs. The act has its typical sweetness but never fails to win the baking contest.

Alpha Chi Omega: The Show Must Go On

Alphi Chi Omega stole the show with the best soloist of the night. The staging gave these girls their proper time to shine before being joined by the rest of the performers. The energy was there, and they succeeded in keeping the crowd engaged with a costume change. This act takes a hit because of the backdrop that should have been present throughout and because of its less-than-present plotline.

Alpha Delta Pi: Beach Bash!

Alpha Delta Pi surfed in and soon crashed as their theme lacked authenticity - it felt like a movie we've seen before. There was high energy and high tides in the middle, but the silence throughout the act left you feeling underwater. Although sharks are not a fan favorite, ADPi will surely be.

Kappa Alpha Theta: The Great Katsby

Kappa Alpha Theta did not electrify with this act. Cute costumes couldn't make up for lackluster solos and wobbly choreography, and the use of a single prop - the flashlights - didn't give such a grand impression as the title of their theme would suggest.

Alpha Tau Omega: Nothing Set in Stone

This act had a double-edged sword. On one hand, it was undeniably well done but legendary. Vocally, ATO was loud and energetic, and their solos did the job. This is another theme that lacks points in creativity, as the tale of King Arthur and Excalibur is one that can no longer be surprising or contain a plot twist.

Delta Delta Delta: Weather or not!

There' something about the sunshine, and Tri Delta brought it to Waco. The high energy and stellar choreo kept the audience engaged, and their facials will surely blow you away. This theme was a clean sweep, and there is no rain in this Sing forecast.

Kappa Chi Alpha & Beta Upsilon Chi: Dream On!

Soloists from BYX saved this act, but this dream turned into a nightmare when the male and female vocals failed to mesh. With high energy in the middle, sweet dreams were on the way, but nothing could save them from their slow ending that will surely leave you dreaming for a while.

Alpha Phi: Troop 1872: Sweet as can Phi

Alpha Phi baked up some good solos, but more harmonies would have been sweet. The prop choices on stage earned them our badge of approval, as they not only looked great but communicated their theme perfectly. Their song choices really sold it - Alpha Phi are troopers, and you can expect to see them at Pigskin.

Phi Gamma Delta: USS FIJI: Sailors Against the Deep

Through their choreography was at time choppy, FIJI had massive crowd appeal on opening night. The sea monster battle was well done and funny. There was something fishy about the solo singers, but the group vocals went swimmingly. Whether FIJI will sink or sail could be up to how they perform on the following nights.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cold Feet

An anti-ring-by-spring theme is a bold choice for a school like Baylor, but it seems like SAE has commitment issues. Their lack of props for most of the act made it feel somewhat empty, but the set design was lovely. We loved the functional chapel double-doors on stage, which ended a special something to the overall design. Pigskin bells may be.

Kappa Alpha: Mardi Gras Madness

Kappa Alpha sure brought a Pardi to the stage, but the rest of the audience was not feeling the Mardi Gras activities. The costumers were subpar and the glow-in-the-dark specialties couldn't bring this act to life, leaving it bare-boned.

Delt Tau Delta: Fists of Fury

Delta Tau Delta sure failed their black belt test as their cool tricks did not wow the audience. The use of Justin Timberlake's early 200s hit could have only been used by a master sensei. The crowd loved the "fight scenes," but this was the only aspect that really packed a punch.

Zeta Tau Alpha: Panic at the Disco!

ZTA had sharp choreography, dazzling disco costumes and energy that made the whole crowd want to boogie along. With an outstanding set full of light, diverse, costume groups and groovy set design, this act was one of our favorites. There was no shortage of props, and they truly added something - they weren't just there for show. The ladies of ZTA won't be in any trouble when it comes to moving on to Pigskin.

Phi Kappa Chi: The Good Newsies

Breaking news - Phi Chi is our best of show on opening night. No, we aren't giving them extra points for their Lariat look-alike props, but the interactive portion where they ran into the audience with little newspapers of their own was one of a kind amongst the other acts, who kept themselves mostly restrained to the stage. Starting off with a hymn was a risky move, but it paid off in putting their vocal talent on the front page, and their strong choreography was a perfect sidebar.

Pi Beta Phi: Our State Fair

Great choreography, such as the roller coaster move, and prize-worthy vocals made for an amusing act. But in all "fair-ness," the storyline was a little bit like a house of mirrors at first - a little obscure, a little confusing. Cute props kept this carnival running, and the cutting of the ribbon was a prop use that was fresh and unexpected.

Kappa Kappa Gamma & Sigma Chi: A Walk in the Park

Rain or shine, KKG and SigChi are going to put on a good show. We loved the vintage-style costumes, and the use of umbrellas drew on the theme from the iconic musical, "Singin' in the Rain," without feeling completely unoriginal. However, the plot of this act was a little cloudy. Despite all that, the skies are looking clear for this pairing

Beta Theta Pi & Friends: Fratty-Shack

Be on it - Beta won't be making it to Pigskin. The vocals left a lot to be desired, and the back-drop and set design were a swing and a miss. The choreography lacked energy and these dancers could hardly be described as masters.

Chi Omega: Caught red-handed

Chi O executed their theme well, but it wasn't all just a walk in the woods. Though entertaining, theirs was a theme that was practically written for them in the children's books. However, their choreography was incredible clean, and the audience seemed to love it.

Tau Kappa Epsilon: Papa Tiki's, Balliamo!

TKE had a respectable performance for a chapter who hasn't performed in 48 years, especially comopared to chapters that perform every year. Though their dancing and staging could have had more flavor, the props and theme have us in "amore." and their use of "Ave Maria" was just...*chef's kiss.*


Sing Alliance serves as diverse haven for all students interested in...

All-University Sing has been producing Broadway-style entertainment since 1953 — but until 1997, when Sing Alliance was formed, the organizations taking the stage were historically all involved with Greek Life.

Behind the curtain: How Sing acts come together

While All-University Sing takes place on just two weekends in February, preparation of the seven-minute musical dance numbers begins almost a year beforehand. Few are familiar with the full timeline behind and process of creating a Sing act.

Calling all non-Greek organizations

Student Productions and performers agree Baylor needs more non-Greek representation in All-University Sing. Although participation from other organizations is highly encouraged, these groups should understand that a 2025 Sing act is more than a sign-up sheet away.

Meet Mitch Gilly: Sing’s arranger

Mitch Gilly, a freelance composer and arranger, received an invitation to take up the task of directing Sing when he was a graduate student at Baylor. Since then, Gilly has graduated, but he has continued to return to campus to compose and arrange for one of the university's largest events.

Keep the score: Ins and outs of judging Sing

Of the 16 judges coming to Waco Hall to judge All-University Sing this year, some will be traveling across the country, while others will simply take a walk from the Student Activities office.

Arts & Life


Sing is Baylor’s best, biggest tradition

All-University Sing is a special tradition for Baylor. Many other schools host similar events, but nothing quite as extraordinary, which is why it is Baylor's best event.

Six standards that can make or break a Sing act

All-University Sing, one of Baylor’s most beloved traditions, is not just for fun. It’s also a competition. With only eight acts advancing to Pigskin Revue in the fall, competition can be fierce, especially in years like this one, with 20 Broadway-style performances from different organizations. There are various categories that factor into the judges’ scoresheets, but here are six elements that can make or break any Sing act.

Stop the YikYak yapping: Refrain from spreading hate during Sing

While it can be entertaining to point out flaws and have a giggle at some of the funnier moments of Sing, it’s important to try to put yourself in the shoes of a performer before you post something degrading about their act.
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