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Friday, March 31, 2023

Sing 2023

Behind the Sings: Student productions ensures seamless performance

“One of the biggest challenges is making sure you can coordinate where the 200 members of the group you’re helping are getting to the places they need to go and being present for all the rehearsals,” Caughlin said.

What to Do in Waco: Feb. 16-22

Heathers | Feb. 22 | 7:30 p.m. | Waco Civic Theatre, 1517 Lake Air Drive | $18 - $20 | Silent House Theatre company puts on a production of this classic, '80s-inspired musical in collaboration with Waco Civic Theater.

Blast from the past: Revisiting Sing memorabilia

As University Archivist, Rivera said it is her mission to use the archives to get people connected, whether face-to-face or face-to-photo. It is through these archival connections, she said, that present students and Sing participants can discover and relate to the joy of those involved in past Sing performances, showing that although times change, human emotion does not.

Dynamic duo: Chi Omega, ATO take stage together for Sing 2023

"It's been such an awesome process and a blessing to work with them," Christensen said. "Chi Omega is passionate about Sing, and it has been so fun to come together with a fraternity that loves it just as much as we do."

Waco places marker in honor of Jesse Washington

“We are to continue the fight, to continue to stand up for our rights,” Henry said. “The work of any justice organization is ongoing. The fight never stops because the people who would deny other people their rights in all kinds of forms never stop attempting to do that.”

Wellness program offers substitution-like option for professors who cancel class

Don't Cancel That Class! is a program led by Baylor Wellness that offers an option for faculty who are unable to teach their classes on a certain day. A member of the Department of Wellness is invited to provide students an interactive and informational presentation about a wellness topic of their choice.

Seniors deserve Sing ticket priority

In high school, seniors get the first row of the bleachers in games; in professional spaces the senior level employees typically have more influence and power; even senior citizens get discounts at places like the zoo or movie theaters. When it comes to milestone Baylor traditions like Sing, seniors should also be treated special.

Time, effort is worth it: Don’t take tradition for granted

No matter if you love or hate Sing, you can’t deny there’s something magical about hundreds of students coming together to create elaborate performances to entertain thousands. Sing isn’t just about performing, it’s about the experience of coming together as a community.

Cut the cost: Sing tickets should be less expensive

But alas, tickets sell out in minutes. I'm happy they do, but I truly have to contemplate if I'm able to "splurge" on the price of them. This year, they were upwards of $30 for students and the general public.

Professor enters 16th Sing host year

"I think people trust me with the microphone [because] I'm not going to say anything that will reflect poorly on Baylor," Browning said. "I love Baylor, so I'm not trying to be edgy with jokes that could risk Baylor's reputation. I need to be excited about the students and get out of the way."
  • PARTNER UP Alpha Tau Omega and Chi Omega join together to perform their take on the 2023 Kentucky Derby in “A Day at the Derby.” Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor