Behind the Sings: Student productions ensures seamless performance

An audio tech working in her booth during the dress rehearsals of All-University Sing. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

By Shelby Peck | Staff Writer

Behind every act gracing the stage of Waco Hall during All-University Sing is a team of behind-the-scenes students who have spent just as many hours preparing each organization for their seven-minute performance — Student Productions.

“I’ve been working with my groups since about the end of June. Sitting at open stage and watching an act that I’ve been helping or assisting with for a very long time come to life is the best part, hands down,” Park City, Utah, junior Andrea Boyce, internal vice president of Student Productions, said.

Boyce is the student producer for the Delta Delta Delta and Pi Beta Phi acts for Sing 2023. Her responsibilities include handling performer contracts, attending Waco Hall rehearsals, conveying rules and regulations and giving the sororities’ Sing chairs feedback and guidance. She said the time commitment can be between 20 and 40 hours a week.

“During rehearsals, I watch and see what they need help improving on and just kind of give my input as someone who is not in their organization and wants to see them succeed,” Boyce said.

Boyce said she joined Student Productions her freshman year at the recommendation of a friend who was already involved. While her background involves theater, her future holds no such plans as she’s majoring in mathematics and has already signed a contract with the U.S. Army.

“You don’t even really have to have a theater background to do Student Productions. We have mechanical engineering majors, I’m biology pre-med, we have interior design, English, history…” Wichita, Kan., senior Lauren Caughlin, vice president of show experience for Student Productions, said.

Caughlin said when her STEM major partially prohibited her from following her love of music, she thought Student Productions would be the perfect way for her to be more involved in the theater world. This Sing season, she is the producer for Kappa Alpha Theta.

“One of the biggest challenges is making sure you can coordinate where the 200 members of the group are getting to the places they need to go and being present for all the rehearsals,” Caughlin said.

While it can be difficult fitting rehearsals into the schedule of her own life, Caughlin said the end result is rewarding. She said she appreciates seeing the act grow from ideas into an actual performance, and she has formed connections around campus with the groups she assists.

“Being able to do things for other organizations I might never have otherwise interacted with was a really big buying point for me,” Caughlin said.

According to the Student Productions website, the committee also helps produce events such as Gateway to India, StompFest, Gospel Fest and Delta Night Live.

“Student Productions is a lot more than Pigskin and Sing,” Boyce said. “Those are the most well-known, but definitely check out our other events.”

Boyce said for now, though, those participating in Sing should stay excited. They have been practicing since the first week of classes this semester and have received constructive criticism to help them improve.

“This is a big Baylor tradition and they’re a part of it. Stay vigilant and ready to perform,” Boyce said. “Because that’s what this is about — putting on a good show for friends, family and other students or alumni who come and watch.”