Cut the cost: Sing tickets should be less expensive

By Caitlyn Meisner | Copy Editor

All-University Sing tickets are too expensive, and I’m not afraid to say it.

I know we all hopped onto the ticket website a few weeks ago to see if it was possible to get Sing tickets to watch our friends perform. I mean, we have all heard them complain about the preparation for months, so I’m sure we’d all like to see what’s been taking them away from every social invitation.

But alas, tickets sell out in minutes. I’m happy they do, but I truly have to contemplate if I’m able to “splurge” on the price of them. This year, they were upwards of $30 for students and the general public.

I understand there are a multitude of costs associated with putting on the production, but does Baylor really need to milk students of any more money?

Don’t even get me started on the cost for watching the livestream. If you were one of the suckers who couldn’t get a live ticket, you’re stuck watching the entire show in the comfort of your home and not in Waco Hall with the crowd roaring around you.

Tickets for a livestream are $28. Only a few dollars less than if you were to go to Waco Hall and watch your friends in person with plenty of other fans, friends and
family members. I appreciate the accessibility of a livestream, but it is not a perfect system. Especially if tickets are limited, why can’t they make the livestream more accessible for students? Why do we have to pay the price for not being able to sit in an auditorium?

I like the way Baylor opens tickets to students before the public, but it’s still impossible to even pay for the tickets to begin with.

I typically pay $70 every two weeks for groceries, and that isn’t my only bill either. I’m obviously not forced to pay for tickets and attend Sing, but I’d like to participate in Baylor traditions as much as I can before I graduate. Back in 2004, tickets were only $14, $16 and $18 for students. Those numbers have almost doubled or tripled over 20 years.

Students don’t have to pay for many other student activities, like sports games. What makes this different? I know there are different places that fund everything, but I’m confused as to why Sing is treated differently. I hope that for the years that come after I graduate, Sing tickets will become less expensive or even free to students. It’s only fair to students to be able to watch their friends and happily participate in all the traditions Baylor has.