Waco Underground


Let your creative juices flow: Use the Moody Makerspace

A part of the Experiential Learning Commons on the Garden Level of Moody Memorial Library, the Moody Makerspace is open to all Baylor students, faculty and staff, with no requirements for major or classification. It houses a variety of tools available for use in personal or academic projects, including a 3D printer, a laser cutter, a computer adapter, a sewing kit, woodworking tools and more.

Behind campus beauty: Facilities aims to enhance experience

“I think if we’re doing our jobs right, the impact is not even noticed by the folks on campus,” Burnias said. “You know, our mission is to maximize the student experience on campus. We don’t see our mission as doing cleaning or maintenance or grounds. It’s to maximize the student experience on campus.”

Time capsule connects through centuries

In 1945, Baylor established the Centennial Time Capsule, which was constructed from the remains of Tryon Hall — a building that was part of Baylor’s original campus in Independence.

Baylor’s first Native American graduate serves as trailblazer for women of...

Although the nation is wrapping up its celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Margery Lancaster Walker will continue to stand as a trailblazer in the Baylor community. As the university's first Native American graduate in 1953, Walker's life and legacy paved the way for future generations.

‘Light brings hope’: Lampposts memorialize veterans who died in combat

Although it’s easy to miss them on walks to class, the red granite lampposts scattered around campus commemorate Baylor men and women who served the United States — many of whom died in combat.

Dead Poets Society breathes life into literature

Most Baylor students read poetry in Carroll Science Hall, but some prefer to absorb its beauty elsewhere. Every month, members of the Dead Poets Society at Baylor gather in secrecy to breathe life into literature from under a bridge.

Baylor’s not-so-mysterious underground tunnels provide service to campus

Hidden from the Baylor community underneath campus are tunnels that span the university. As mysterious as that sounds, these tunnels are important pathways for wiring and piping that provide service to numerous buildings across campus.

Ice Age research heats back up in Waco

Paleontological breakthroughs could be on the horizon for the Waco Mammoth National Monument as Dr. Lindsey Yann and graduate researchers Dava Butler and Maree Yard aim to ascertain important baseline facts about the 65,000-year-old fossils.

Arts & Life

Emmy-nominated professor bridges educational gap through nonprofit on YouTube

What do ancient Greek figures such as Phaethon and Arachne have to do with us today, and why should we pay attention to the lessons they learned? These are the questions that Emmy-nominated film producer and Baylor professor SJ Murray seeks to answer in her newly-founded nonprofit, “The Greats Story Lab.”

Dancing with the Bears: Ballroom Dance Society brings rhythm to campus

The Ballroom Dance Society is a hidden gem on Baylor’s campus. Filled with waltz, swing, foxtrot, cha-cha and salsa lessons, it features a variety of styles for anyone who wants to learn the art of ballroom dance. The group meets at 7 p.m. every Friday in the Bill Daniel Student Center.

Baylor ‘Sk8er Bois’ flip stereotypes, seek charter

If you’ve walked around Fountain Mall between noon and 5 p.m. at any point in the last two years, you have surely come across — or almost been run over by — the men who make up Baylor’s skateboarding community. Whether you appreciate their “boys being boys” mentality or not, they hope to be here to stay.

Freight provides main stage for student musicians

Freight Waco has made it easy for student musicians to experience performing in front of an audience, even in a city where nightlife isn’t the main attraction.

‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’: Waco’s underground punk scene...

“What's really cool about Waco is that a lot of times, it's such an intimate experience without having to force it to be an intimate experience,” Riddle said. “That's just the way it is here most of the time, and I think that's something that's really special to a scene like ours.”

History collides with present at Cameron Trading Co.

The lifeline of the Waco Downtown Cultural District, Austin Avenue is home to many locally owned businesses, both new and old. A favorite among vintage and antique collectors as well as fans of "shabby chic" style is Cameron Trading Co.