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Comic book movies fight for popularity

Marvel Studios’ “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was the highest-grossing movie in 2021, making a whopping $260,138,569 in its opening week.

Famous alumni of Baylor University

Throughout the years, Baylor has had notable alumni. Here are some facts about several of them.

Are movie theaters dying?

As streaming services offer more options to watch new and exciting releases or nostalgic reminiscences of childhood, they draw audiences away from theaters, leaving them crawling to a slow death.

Why Hollywood loves its remakes, reboots

The last top-grossing movie in the U.S. that was not a sequel or based on something that already existed was 2009’s “Avatar.” The last original top-grossing movie that was not a part of a franchise was 1998’s “Saving Private Ryan.” Forty years ago, original films made up most of the box office hits, but now the script has flipped. So what happened?

Arts & Life

Olivia Rodrigo is not ‘SOUR’

Living in 2022, you can't ignore the pop culture phenom Olivia Rodrigo and the way she has come to fame.

Faculty starring as …

Though most professors haven’t been in a Hollywood film, many of them could be, especially as a stunt double. After asking several students if they think any of their professors look like celebrities, the most popular five responses are below.

Add pops of variety to your wardrobe

Trends are changing fast in the era of social media, so here is a quick recap of what is seen frequently around campus.

Talk conspiracy to me: Baylor students’ favorite conspiracy theories

Waco’s history is filled with strange and fringe ideologies, specifically the Branch Davidian cult that brought national news to Waco before “Fixer Upper” put us on the map, leaves this student body in a unique position to ponder conspiracies.