Faculty starring as …

By Foster Nicholas | Reporter

Though most professors haven’t been in a Hollywood film, many of them could be, especially as a stunt double. After asking several students if they think any of their professors look like celebrities, the most popular five responses are below.

Professor of Law Larry Bates as Kenny G

While it is obvious Kenny G would want to star in his own movie, the second best has to be Bates. Students who have either attended a class or seen Bates on the Baylor campus said that he is a look-alike of Kenny G, but five students also said he looks like musician Ozzie Osborne.

Senior Lecturer of Journalism Sharon Gripp as Reba McEntire

Professor Gripp has been at Baylor for a long time and it’s unknown how many students have made the connection between her and McEntire.

Bloomfield, N.J., freshman journalism major Kass Tsikitas said, “Professor Gripp reminds me of the southern singer Reba McEntire. It’s the hair and the smile.”

Other students also made the connection between Gripp’s great personality and the energetic singer’s. If Gripp wants a singing career after her time as a professor, maybe she could start a Reba McEntire tribute band.

Lecturer of Public Health Emmanuel Akowuah as Daniel Kaluuya

Akowuah would be a perfect stunt double for Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya. While most people don’t have the skills to be a stunt double, several students in Akowuah’s classes agreed that he could for sure play any part that Kaluuya could. While Akowuah has an undeniable skill for teaching, he should keep his options open.

Postdoc Research Associate Nicholas Norman-Krause as Brian Stepanek

Another great response was that Krause could star in the show, “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” as the janitor played by actor Brian Stepanek. There were few responses more accurate than this one. While most Baylor students have probably seen this show at some point in their life, some may have rewatched some episodes just to confirm their hunch that this would be a perfect look-alike situation if a recasting were to take place.

“The first day of class when Dr. Krause walked in I immediately thought he looked familiar. Later on I figured out that he very much resembles Arwin from ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.’ He’s not my professor anymore but I still laugh about it because I just think the resemblance is so strong,” San Antonio freshman Madi Hayden said.

First Gent Brad Livingstone as Steve Martin

Finally, there is no better fit than the first gent assuming any role that was played by Waco native Steve Martin. The resemblance is there and even though Livingstone is much taller, it doesn’t change the fact that he could star in a movie about Martin, especially because he is in Waco at the moment.

Think about the possibilities. Some students can visualize the first gent in a “Pink Panther” film, or starring in his own acting as Martin. Livingstone would be great in just about any Martin movie, including but not limited to “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,” “Bowfinger” and “Roxanne.”

Overall, many Baylor faculty members could star in their own movies, however there is no denying that some have some sort of doppelganger.

If Baylor students had their say, many of these professors could star in a movie and they would instantly become Baylor classics. As unrealistic as it is, it’s still fun to think about all the possibilities and at no point will students ever stop making connections between Hollywood stars and their professors.