Add pops of variety to your wardrobe

New trends are in for the spring semester, including fisherman beanies, platform converse and mini purses. Photo illustration courtesy of Brittany Tankersley

By Avery Ballmann | Staff Writer

Pop culture is all around us via social media, ads and what we watch on TV. It can be overwhelming to find your style and feel confident in the popular trends. There is no shame in following trends — if done right, it can make for a unique wardrobe. Here are the current trends I have frequently seen around campus and in stores.

1. Mini Purses

For an on-the-go woman, it’s annoying to have a cross-body purse get in the way of everyday tasks. The switch to the mini purse has been life-changing. They’re cute, lightweight and only carry essential items. I have seen plenty of black mini purses as well as some in bright colors or patterns. These purses are also great because they’re good to use for special outfits when your normal purse doesn’t exactly match the aesthetic. They can be considered the across-the-body waist bags, which to me look great on guys as well. It’s 2022. Guys can have purses too.

2. Platform Converse

Converse has made a comeback, and it has taken over closets everywhere. With updated styles and fun prints, these shoes look great with flare pants, another common trend. Specifically, the high-top Converse has two forms that are most popular: the Platform 2X and the Run Star Hike style, which has a rigid sole. I think platform Converses have become popular because they have an option to design your own. My roommates designed theirs, and they looked great. To have the power to customize your own shoes is exciting, which is why I think this shoe has taken off.

3. Fisherman Beanies

Fisherman beanies can best be described as a shorter beanie that rests on the back of the wearer’s head. I’ve seen these stylish hats become popular among guys. They go well with casual outfits, khaki pants and button-ups. This trend has not caught on quite yet, but I can predict it will be popular soon.

4. Color Blocking

Color blocking is when an outfit has two to three bright, contradictory colors. This trend can either be extremely tacky or done well. It is great for a diverse wardrobe because it enables the buyer to get quality staple pieces like a blazer, pants or a fun skirt. With warmer weather making its way to Texas, color blocking will be making its way into summer outfits.

5. Cutouts

The cutout trend has appeared in shirts, skirts, swimsuits and pants. This trend can be controversial because if it is done poorly, it looks like you took scissors to your favorite shirt. I think the minimal cutouts around the shoulder or between the breasts look the best. Cutouts along the sides of jeans give an outfit an edgier look. This trend has not made it over to men’s fashion, and I am not expecting it to. It will probably upset the older members of your family since they still can’t fathom why a person would buy ripped jeans, but don’t let their jokes deter you.

Buying on a budget

Scrolling through TikTok, I find myself constantly seeing fashion trends, dupes and new shipments of clothing into big-name stores. I find that my shopping addiction has become terminal for my bank account, so here are some places where you can find the trends I mentioned above at a cheaper price.

Target has a wide assortment of mini purses — in fact, that is where I purchased mine. They average about $15, which is a great deal for a purse. Another deal I found is on Amazon. Its variety of colors for fisherman beanies is abundant, so grab a $17 four-pack from Amazon and share with your friends before this trend takes off. The other trends I mentioned are not a specific item rather than a style, but if you’re looking for color blocking or cutout clothing, Marshall’s has a lot of clothing articles that fit these trends and for a great price.

Trends can come and go quickly, so be wise when purchasing your next wardrobe piece. If you feel as though your closet is becoming full of old styles, take them to Goodwill or a clothing donation site where they will be reused and not wasted. Enjoy shopping for these new trends and remember to express your style in the way that fits you best.