Olivia Rodrigo is not ‘SOUR’

Photo courtesy of Spotify

By Maggie Alexander | Social Media Editor

We have all heard of Disney stars coming and going from the light of fame. However, 19-year-old Olivia Rodrigo seems to be leading that list, surpassing anyone who came before her. Living in 2022, you can’t ignore Rodrigo as a pop culture phenom or the way she has come to fame.

The American Music Awards new artist of 2021 winner didn’t begin her career originally pursuing music. I too am challenged to imagine Rodrigo before her hit song “driver’s license” was ever released. However, long before the record-breaking album “SOUR” was released, Rodrigo starred in “An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success” in 2015. She then later co-starred in Disney Channel’s “Bizaardvark” from 2016 until 2019.

You might be wondering how an actress goes from acting in an American Girl doll movie and one of Disney Channel’s least popular TV shows to being a universally renowned female pop artist, with songs that captivate broken hearts around the world. To answer that question, Rodrigo became known to our generation through the hit series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.”

As a reboot of the beloved East High School, “HSM:TM:TS” spoke to the generation of the original “High School Musical” groupies that held on to the movie series from their childhood. The content was aimed at a younger age, however due to the lineage that the original movies portrayed in the hearts of many young adults, the show became a hit across many different generations. Starring Olivia Rodrigo, fans across a multitude of ages were tuning in to watch the show.

“HSM:TM:TS” brought on- and off-camera chemistry to Rodrigo’s life. Joshua Bassett, Rodrigo’s co-star, played a key part in this chemistry. Starting in 2019, Rodrigo and Bassett were suspected to be in a relationship throughout the filming of “HSM:TM:TS,” which was confirmed later when they broke up in 2020. However, what fans believe sparked the muse for Rodrigo’s hit album “SOUR” was the quick turnaround in Bassett’s personal life when he was seen with Sabrina Carpenter weeks after his split with Rodrigo. All that being said, through her heartbreak and tribulations, Rodrigo produced a one-of-a-kind, record-breaking album.

Olivia Rodrigo hit many headlines this year related to the ongoing romance drama. However, what about the headlines related to a 19-year-old success story? Rodrigo is more than a whirlwind of buzz due to a boy. She is a passionate songwriter and singer who has created an album that almost everyone can relate to. Rodrigo deserves the hype she has gotten, but let us not forget how far she has come in the meanwhile.