Famous alumni of Baylor University

Throughout the years, many famous celebrities have attended Baylor University including Angela Kingsley, Jeff Dunham, and Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight. Photo illustration courtesy of Brittany Tankersley

By Ana Ruiz Brictson | Staff Writer

Throughout the years, Baylor has had notable alumni. Here are some facts about several of them.

Jeffrey Dunham

Dunham is an American ventriloquist from Dallas. He attended Baylor in 1980 and began to do ventriloquism during those years. By the time Dunham was at Baylor, he was already earning $70,000 a year. He then moved to Los Angeles in 1988 and became a successful stand-up comedian.

Dunham has performed on sold-out tours worldwide. He holds the record for “Most Tickets Sold for a Stand-Up Comedy Tour.”

Angela Kinsey

Kinsey is an American actress from Louisiana, Texas. She graduated from Baylor in 1993 with a degree in English. After taking roles in many movies and TV shows, she became well known for her role in “The Office” as Angela Martin.

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines is a television presenter from Wichita, Kan. She graduated from Baylor in 2001 with a degree in communications.

Chip Gaines is a construction/real estate lead from Albuquerque, N.M. He graduated from Baylor in 1998.

Although both alumni went to the same university, they did not meet while they attended Baylor.

After getting married in 2003, they began their business, Magnolia Market, and they opened several businesses under the Magnolia name. They opened their headquarters in Waco in 2015.

Additionally, the celebrity couple stars in the hit show “Fixer Upper,” in which they work together to renovate homes.

Gretchen Rossi

Rossi is an American actress from Michigan who graduated with a degree in psychology from Baylor.

Rossi is known for her reality TV show role on “The Real Housewives,” where she starred for four seasons. Currently, Rossi has approximately 923,000 followers on Instagram.

Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight

The McKnight twins are American YouTubers from Dallas. They both majored in entrepreneurship and graduated in 2021.

When they were only nine years old, they began their YouTube channel, which has grown to have 6.91 million subscribers. Since being involved on social media, they have since developed several businesses, including a mascara and scrunchie business.