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Lariat Special: One on One

From Sing chairman to university chaplain

“I had some things happen [at Baylor] that were fairly serendipitous or providential that opened some doors for me into expressions of faith that I really needed … There was this sense of ‘OK, there is a path for someone who maybe is less traditionally Baptist,' and that remained true for me. It starts at Baylor, where I felt blessed to explore some things.”

President Livingstone tells all

"I hope that they see kind of an authenticity and genuineness in me, that I really care about people and I care about the organizations I'm a part of, and really want to do everything I can to help whether it's the people or the organization to be better."

Baylor student shares good and bad experiences as a member of...

Coming out to family and friends is not always easy, Houston junior Andrea Perez said. Sometimes it takes courage and bravery, and other times, it requires sacrifice and luck.

Baylor’s ‘gadfly’: NoZe’s Cunning Linguist wants to make readers laugh, think

Throughout its long and occasionally controversial history, the Noble NoZe Brotherhood has put Pat Neff Hall up for sale, unleashed 5,000 ping pong balls in Chapel and made fun of just about anything to do with Baylor in its satirical newspaper, The Rope.

All about that pace: Bass runs for peace, challenge, community

While completing an IRONMAN is a big accomplishment, the medal and title weren't the focus for Collin Bass. He runs for peace, for the challenge and for the community found in each step of the sport.

Loc it up: Student gives her clients hair confidence

Four months ago, Houston sophomore Brooklyn Joseph began her hair locking services after doing a favor for a friend. That talent soon turned into a business venture. Joseph’s business offers starter locs, retwists and styling, which has allowed her to make money while in school.

Dying and Death Education professor teaches students valuable lessons on grief,...

“At the beginning of the semester, they would ask me, ‘Why am I taking this course?’, but they realize at the end, there's so much more to death and dying than just ‘I'm going to the service,'” Klempnauer said.

Emmy nominee shares her passion for storytelling

Dr. Sarah-Jane “SJ” Murray is an associate professor of great texts and creative writing in Baylor’s Honors College. She is also an Emmy- nominated writer and producer, an award-winningdirector,amultilingual author, a speaker at two TED Talks and a decadeslong academic who began her lecturing career at just 21 years old.

From fear to faith: Earle Hall chaplain’s journey to Christ

Truett Seminary student Kinley Tenzin serves as Earle Hall’s chaplain, mentoring students spiritually and helping them grow in the Christian faith — a faith that Tenzin said he did not grow up with himself.

From the crime scene to the classroom: ‘Sarge’ Huggins teaches through...

Although theoretical knowledge often works hand-in-hand with real-world practices, it is challenging for students in the field of forensics to get in touch with real crime scene investigations, acquire expertise and put what they have learned into practice. However, senior lecturer James Huggins bridges that gap by taking students to meet the real side of crimes in the classroom.

Baylor junior shares battle with speech disorder

At 20 years old, Hendersonville, Tenn., junior Hayden Downs finds himself in what he describes as “a bad marriage [he’s] in just for the kids” with the stutter he’s had since he was born.

Sunday school friendship to second career: Williams’ journey to the classroom

“It felt like I was building sandcastles next to water’s edge,” Williams said. “It’s difficult work, and it wears you out. I always want the best for these kids. I’m glad to work with adults because I like telling people’s stories.”