Bears Declassified

Welcome to Bear’s Declassified: School Survival Guide! I think Ned would be proud to see us all grown up and tackling life in college on our own. After all, he prepared us well, didn’t he?


Pack neatly for the summer, prepare for the fall

Students from other classifications share what they did back in their first summer of college.

From students to professors: Baylor faculty offer advice

“What I loved about Baylor — that I think we have retained even though we’ve grown larger — is it felt like a community,” Ford said. “When I walked across campus, I saw people I knew. I was able to get to know my professors. I felt like I got to know everybody in my classes.”

Check out libraries’ resources

Baylor is full of countless resources for students to get ahead on their writing, research and assignments. The university has several research libraries, institutes and centers. Moody Memorial Library and Jesse H. Jones Library — the main research complex and libraries on campus — provide over 3.5 million physical resources and over 1.3 million electronic resources to students.

Graduation rates show Baylor students are among the best

According to nationwide statistics, Baylor's freshman retention rates, four-year graduation rates and six-year graduation rates are well above the national average, showing how Baylor students perform better than average. The university also consistently ranks among the top academic schools in the country.

To do or not to do: a guide to Baylor

Understanding campus norms is a vital part of getting the true experience that university has to offer. Baylor is no exception. The university has its own expectations and norms that not every student may be aware of. To aid with this, students shared their advice on what to do and what not to do when roaming the streets of Baylor's campus.

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