Don’t stay locked in your room

By Gio Gennero | Sports Writer

From someone who spent the majority of his freshman year of college locked in his room, get up and go do something. Years from now, when you’re looking back on your college days, I promise you’ll never think to yourself, “Man, I should’ve spent more time in my room.”

Personally, I’m not one for parties or big events. However, there are so many different ways to have fun. Find a good group of friends and make as many memories as possible. One night of my college experience that I remember having actual fun was when my friends and I went to the top of a parking garage at 2 a.m. and recorded videos of us doing dumb dances. It’s not something I ever do and haven’t till this day, but it was a fun memory that has stuck with me.

My friends and I hang out almost every day, whether it be playing basketball at the McLane Student Life Center, going out to eat or finding any random thing to do. These days, my favorite nights are spent on my apartment balcony with my friends, lawn chairs, music and good vibes. I lost a big chunk of college because of COVID-19, and it helped me realize that anything can be fun if you’re with the right people.

College is a beautifully difficult time. We have the freedom of adults, but at the same time, we are facing the world as adults for the first time and trying to figure out our lives. Although we don’t quite have the same responsibilities as real adults, we have a lot more leg room. Take advantage of that. There’s no limit on how much fun you can have and how many memories you create; it’s simply up to you on what you do with your opportunities.

Please do not stay locked in your room scrolling through your favorite social media app and watching what other people are doing. Try something new, go dance atop a parking garage, try an on-campus event or watch a movie with your friends. As comfortable as your bed is, I promise you it’ll be there when you get back.