Apply yourself with study apps

Study apps that can make your college experience easier. Illustration by Grace Everett.

By Avery Ballmann | Staff Writer

Everyone has different study techniques, whether it’s the whiteboards in the garden level of Moody Memorial Library, flashcards or study apps. There are hundreds of study apps out there, but here are the most popular in each corner of campus.


Quizlet is arguably the best study app. With flashcards, testing, learn and matching games, it makes studying fun and personalized. The learning option is the best way to cram for a big test. I like how it quizzes you over the questions you missed and asks the questions in a different format. Another cool feature of Quizlet is the ability to share the flashcards, which help out your desk neighbors when they’re in need of a review.


If you’re enrolled in a foreign language course you may need some extra help since Baylor’s language courses are very rigorous. When you download the app you select the language you want to learn. The next prompt asks the user how much of the language they’re are familiar with, which is great if you are in different levels of the language course. Duolingo quizzes the user by matching words to the language you’re learning. There is also a feature where the user can speak into the microphone, this is the pro version which is an upgrade. This is an easy way to get exposure to the language anywhere and anytime.

Complete Anatomy ‘22

For pre-health students, this app is great to brush up on body parts and their names. They have different models such as male and female bodies, the skeletal system and the more detailed version can be purchased with an upgrade. You can zoom in on different parts of the body and click on each bone to see its name. There is also a 360-degree feature where you can turn and look at the body from different angles. Even though I am not a pre-med major I still find this app interesting.


This app is an organizer for your schedule and school work. There are to-do lists, a calendar, tables, audio and more to organize your life. You can even link your Google Drive to the app. If your notes and events are spread out across your phone and electronics, make your life easier and keep them in one spot.

These are just a few apps the app store has to offer, but there are a multitude out there that will fit the student you are. Ultimately, you get out what you put into these apps, with finals approaching these apps can help ease your anxiety and focus on which material you need to be studying.