Graduation rates show Baylor students are among the best

Baylor proves to have higher graduation and retention rates then other colleges in the area. Infographic courtesy of Matt Kyle

By Matt Kyle | Staff Writer

Most students say finals season stresses them out, with burnout from the long school year negatively impacting their academics. Students said they were especially stressed about the workload of finals and the fear of possibly failing a test.

According to nationwide statistics, Baylor’s freshman retention rates, four-year graduation rates and six-year graduation rates are well above the national average, showing how Baylor students perform better than average. The university also consistently ranks among the top academic schools in the country.

With finals approaching and many students saying they are feeling the effects of burnout, here are some anti-burnout and study strategies Baylor students said they typically use.

(The following information was compiled from 25 responses in a Google Form posed to Baylor students)

Common strategies for dealing with burnout:

  • studying early in the morning
  • pushing through until work is done
  • taking breaks from studying to hang with friends and enjoy other things as a reward for working hard
  • making a study plan
  • caffeine

How students study for finals:

  • making a study guide or Quizlet
  • making Moody Memorial Library a second home
  • studying at Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation with friends
  • studying alone