Loc it up: Student gives her clients hair confidence

Brooklyn Joseph demonstrates her hair locking services on her own hair. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photographer

By Kameron Brooke | Reporter

Four months ago, Houston sophomore Brooklyn Joseph began her hair locking services after doing a favor for a friend. That talent soon turned into a business venture. Joseph’s business offers starter locs, retwists and styling, which has allowed her to make money while in school.

“Can you tell me a bit about how you got started doing locs?”

Joseph: “Honestly, it wasn’t something I really planned on doing. It was just one day, we had a group chat of Black students, and one of our guy friends was like ‘Does anyone retwist hair?’ And I saw it as a favor I could do for a friend. Then I just expanded that, and from there it kind of kicked off.”

“Can you explain the difference between starter locs and retwists?”

Joseph: “With starter locs, there’s two different variations that I do, but overall there are multiple. There’s twists and comb coils. With twists, you’re parting the hair and taking two strands and twisting them together. With comb coils, you part the hair, and some people use a comb, which is where it gets the comb coil name, but yeah I think that starter method gives the best look.”

“How long have you had locs yourself, and how long have you been doing other people’s hair?”

Joseph: “I’m coming up on 11 months [of having locs], which is crazy. I’ve been doing hair for about four months, which is also crazy because it feels like I’ve been doing it for so long. A lot of people think I also do braids, so when that happens, I usually refer them to other friends because I specialize in locs.”

“How has your business impacted you, and who are your main clients?”

Joseph: “For me, I’ve found enjoyment in it. I think it’s nice, and I love seeing locs in the community. And I understand that people are students, so I don’t charge people crazy prices. It’s something nice I can do for someone else, and I like that. Most of my clients are student-athletes.”

“Do you have a favorite style you like to do on your clients?”

Joseph: “I really like doing two strands especially on the athletes because I know it’s an easy style for them. I love that it’ll give them that long-lasting effect, and when you look good, you feel good. And it works out because I don’t recommend they get their hair done too often, because the more stress you put on your hair, it breaks down the strength.”

“Why did you decide to loc your hair 11 months ago?”

Joseph: “I had played around with it my senior year of high school. I just liked the look. And I started coiling my hair, but didn’t know if I was ready for something so permanent. I started considering my career choices, and it became easier to decide because it’s a low-maintenance hair style, so it was mainly for convenience.”

“What do you enjoy the most about your business?”

Joseph: “Through doing this, I’ve started a lot of loc journeys, and it’s good to see people become more accepting of a hairstyle that’s been more discriminated against in the workplace and stuff, so seeing people do that and be a part of that is really cool.”