Sing is Baylor’s best, biggest tradition

By Kaitlin Sides | LTVN Reporter/Anchor

All-University Sing is a special tradition for Baylor. Many other schools host similar events, but nothing quite as extraordinary, which is why it is Baylor’s best event.

Participating groups spend all year preparing for their seven-minute acts, which captivate everyone watching online or in person. Many people say the homecoming bonfire is their favorite tradition, but what exactly is fun about standing in a crowd and waiting to see logs set on fire? Pigskin Revue is a close second, but there is nothing like watching acts for the first time. Sing is packed with different surprises each year since participating groups aren’t allowed to repeat themes of any groups from past years.

Although musical performances may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is something special about seeing your friends’ hard work come to life. As someone who is the roommate of a Sing chair, I believe the efforts they put into their acts should not be overlooked. They spend countless hours making sure everything is clean and perfect — all while balancing a normal college life.

Participating groups aren’t the only ones putting in hard work for Sing. Members of Student Productions are too. They help make sure the logistics run smoothly for every act. Next time you attend, think more about how much work was put in behind the scenes, from the band to the annual jokes of host Dr. Blair Browning.

The judging and scoring process is just another part of the tradition. After two weeks of shows, there is so much excitement building up for Pigskin, especially when the act you’ve been hyping up for all of your friends wins. The addition of the People’s Choice Awards also makes it feel like you have a small part in the Sing process, even if you are unaffiliated.

As someone who is not involved in Greek Life, I can still appreciate these acts and recognize the hard work that goes into each one. You don’t even have to be involved in Greek Life to participate yourself, because Sing Alliance is welcome to everyone.

Tickets are very hard to come by, but if you’re lucky enough to score one, soak up every minute of the performances. Keep in mind there are many parents who don’t have the chance to see their child perform due to tickets being sold out. I understand why people believe Sing is not Baylor’s best tradition solely because of the lack of tickets, but I don’t believe that should make them hate Sing as a whole. Just because one part of it needs improvement doesn’t mean the acts don’t deserve your time.

If you are unable to watch Sing in person, you can watch the acts via livestream online from the comfort of your home, surrounded by friends.

Baylor has a lot of different traditions to offer, especially in the fall, but the reward of waiting for Sing to come around in the spring is the best. Appreciate every moment of it.