Homey finds for your life

Photo Illustration by Grace Everett | Photo Editor

By Lily Nussbaum | Arts and Life Intern

It takes a bit to add a personal touch to a new living space and make it feel like your own. The A&L staff is here to make that process a little easier by revealing all the items that make our houses or apartments feel like home.

Erianne Lewis | Arts and Life Editor

Bedside Lamp

When I do homework assignments, edit for work, read or watch tv, I typically do it in my room or my apartment. My room is very cozy, but it can get rather dark at night because of the dimness of the overhead light. This is why I love having a little desk lamp next to my bed that provides the perfect amount of light for whatever I am working on at the moment.


There is something so comforting about wrapping up in a nice, warm blanket after winding down from a long or stressful day. One of my friends gave me a blanket for Christmas last year, and it easily became one of my favorite gifts of the year. I’ve carried it with me on road trips and everything.

Avery Ballmann | Arts and Life Writer


My plants are one of the top priority items that have to appear in my home. They are so pretty and make the room feel so calm. I have over 10 plants scattered throughout my room and bathroom. I enjoy taking care of them and having them as an easy decoration.

Salt Lamp

My other favorite item in my room is my salt lamp. When the evening rolls around and I’m getting ready for bed, I turn on my salt lamp. It sits on my nightstand and has a dimmer switch. This is one of my favorite items because its pink hue is unique and calming. Some nights I’ll dim the lamp and fall asleep with it still on. I’ve had this lamp for at least five years, and it is always situated next to my bed.

Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Writer

Huge Beanbag Chair

It’s a dream come true — an absolutely massive beanbag chair made of the same fabric as the Emma Chamberlain teddy bear jackets we were all obsessed with in high school. It takes up half of my bedroom floor, and that’s fine by me.

Vinyl Player

To the chagrin of my roommates, I spin a record almost every day because there’s nothing better than playing Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” or “Led Zeppelin III” on vinyl. Be that person. Buy that record player.

Ruhi Thapar | Arts and Life Intern

Espresso Machine

My espresso machine (the Breville Bambino, if you are on the market for one) has been a lifesaver in college. It fits perfectly on my counter and is an excellent investment. It has saved me money and precious time that can be repurposed for studying or spending more time with friends.

Dish Towel

This one is a bit niche, but I have a dish towel on my oven that says, “When life gives you lemons, ask if they’re organic.” This quote is a pretty accurate depiction of my personality and love for Whole Foods, and it also adds a great pop of color to my kitchen.

Clay Thompson | Arts and Life Intern


Who needs a giant TV screen taking up space in your already cramped room when your wall can be your screen? I’m not a big decorator, so I was glad to see that I could use my projector to watch all my favorite shows and movies. My projector creates a crystal clear image on my wall about as large as an 80-inch television, while only taking up the space of a medium-sized book on my nightstand.

Reading Chair

A large armchair capable of reclining, rotating and rocking and has huge pockets on the sides. My reading chair is a super comfortable place to sit and read a good book, study or just sit and be.

Lily Nussbaum | Arts and Life Intern


Yes, candles is plural. If you walk into my room, nine times out of ten, a candle will be burning. There is nothing like coming home and lighting a candle based on your mood, vibe or activity that day. Are you reading a book? Light a candle. Are you sitting on your bed? Light a candle. Watching a movie with the roommates? Light a candle.

Stuffed Animal

My elephant has been my go-to cuddle buddy for the past year and a half, and I am not afraid to admit it. When the sun goes down or in the middle of the day, if you take naps like me, a certain comfort comes from holding something soft. Find a stuffed animal you love and watch your sleeping habits improve.

Lily Nussbaum is a senior film and digital media and public relations double major from Dallas, Texas. This is her second year with the Lariat and second semester as Social Media Editor. She loves the fast-paced environment of the newsroom and is excited to continue to grow the Lariat audience through socials. After graduation, she plans to work in the entertainment industry as a publicist or at an agency.