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Lariat Letters: Pledging should be removed altogether

Regarding Megan Grindstaff’s April 15 column titled “Greek organizations should have pledges,” perhaps it is time to throw the baby out with the bath water.

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Edwards the right man for you

I write to you today after much prayer and contemplation to discuss something that is imperative to the future of student representation on this campus: the selection of our next student body president.

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Baylor Transfer Council unfairly insulted at StompFest

After a mishap at last year’s StompFest, Baylor Transfer Council once again walked away from Friday night’s annual competition feeling frustrated.

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Sexualized ads are damaging to society

The objectification of women in advertising is diverse and ubiquitous: the female body is used to sell everything from fast food to cars to hair care products. This objectification is symptomatic of a larger social problem: the tendency to define women by their sexuality. As deplorable as this form of advertising is, it is so common that I’ve almost become desensitized to it. However, the last place I would have expected to see it is in a poster promoting International Justice Week for Baylor’s chapter of the International Justice Mission (IJM).

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Hobby Lobby shouldn’t get rights from RFRA

Ken Starr, president and chancellor of Baylor University, wrote a column featured in both The National Review Online and the Baylor Lariat which overestimates the power of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in respect to for-profit corporations.

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First Amendment rights only for people, not corporations

A day before oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. were heard at the Supreme Court, USA Today and The Baylor Lariat published an op-ed penned by our President and Chancellor, Ken Starr.

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Students should not move down; fans too apathetic

In the March 20th column “Let the students move down,” Anja Rosales argues that Baylor Athletics should allow students to sit courtside rather than the alumni and donors who pay to sit there. She says that the atmosphere would be better and more students would come to the games.

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Ukraine’s people need right to protest laws

There is an adage I find myself quoting often — “Laws matter so long as they are enforced” — and when I apply this sentiment to the current situation in the Crimea region of Ukraine I am appalled by the intrusion of Russian forces.

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In defense of University Scholars

I disagree strongly with the characterization of University Scholars as promoting laziness among its students, allowing them to “cop-out” of “difficult courses” required by other majors.

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Courtney wrong about US troops

Upset and dismayed. Though not the emotions one usually feels when leaving Chapel, they describe what I felt after hearing guest speaker Jeremy Courtney on Feb. 17.

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