Why the iPhone 8 is the last great iPhone

Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents tell you “they just don’t make them like they use to?” In the case of Apple and its immensely successful iPhone smartphone line, they do, but it is not with the latest iPhone model.

Apple released its first iPhone in the summer of 2007 and has since released 23 additional iPhone models. The introduction of the iPhone propelled us into the age of the smartphone. Smartphones would quickly become an irrevocable part of our everyday lives.

But, following the original iPhone, there has only been one other iPhone that has lived up to the same legacy: the iPhone 6/6s.

Within 3 months of the release of the iPhone 6/6s, Apple sold 71.5 million units sold, more than any iPhone in history. This was not only because the iPhone 6/6s was faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 5s, but it also had a longer lasting battery, larger storage capacity, a bigger screen and a feeling that it seemed to perfectly fit in your hand.

The iPhone 6/6s was the Goldilocks of iPhones and most iPhone users cheerfully recall their days with their trusty iPhone 6/6s.

Today, iPhones seem to be all the same — extremely expensive and excessively large with features that most people generally have no need for. I cannot remember the last time anyone was shocked by or excited about Apple’s new iPhone after the iPhone 6/6s.

The lack of impact of succeeding iPhones can explain why the number of iPhones Apple sells has stagnated since 2015, the year after the release of the iPhone 6/6s.

Unfortunately, today, there are few iPhone 6/6s surviving as technology has rendered them obsolete. However, all is not lost.

The last remnant of the great iPhone 6/6s can be found in the familiar iPhone 8 which has all the modern day speed, power, display, storage and battery life you could ever need — all within a phone that has that familiar, comfortable feel.

So, why continue to drop your new, oversized iPhone, be overwhelmed with all the new, obscure features or feel like your phone is not really your phone? The grandson of the legendary iPhone 6/6s, the iPhone 8, could be the capable phone that brings you that sense of nostalgic euphoria you have been missing.

Matthew Warden
Finance and entrepreneurship major