It’s showtime: Go see performances on campus

By Zach Babajanof-Rustrian | Sports Writer

All around campus, Baylor has wonderful shows to offer. Whether they’re from the theater department or student organizations, each one is distinct, and students should take advantage of the opportunity to go see them.

There are plenty of shows for students to enjoy all year long. From All-University Sing to Baylor Theatre plays and musicals, each performance can be a nice activity to do with friends or a study break.

The theater department puts on so many shows throughout the year. This semester, there have already been two shows: “Friends (Tomodachi)” and “Men on Boats.” Both shows were fun to watch and very different from one another. While some people may believe they aren’t theater people and therefore wouldn’t enjoy the shows, they should take a chance on Baylor Theatre because each one is a must-watch.

Even if you don’t want to see a theater show, student organizations put on plenty of other performances for everyone to enjoy. The Student Productions Committee puts on seven shows a year at Waco Hall.

Whether it’s After Dark or StompFest, each performance has its own flair. After Dark is a talent show that takes place during Family Weekend for students to perform or even just watch as others show their skills. Meanwhile, StompFest is meant for student organizations on campus to learn what step is from The Divine Nine fraternities and sororities.

The cool thing about the shows is that most of them give students the Creative Arts Experience credits they need to graduate. However, don’t just think about those credits; go to the shows for enjoyment. People put in hard work for students, faculty and staff to take a break from the world and immerse themselves in the show experience.

So, go see the performances that Baylor has to offer. Use it as a study break or as a chance to have a fun night with friends. Every show is different from the next.

Some upcoming shows you can watch are American Eclipse (April 7 at the Jones Theatre, featuring award-winning Broadway stars) and StompFest (April 12 at Waco Hall).