A&L Desk recs: Our favorite food combos

Graphic illustration by Grace Everett | Photographer

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

When I think of the best food combos, I think of those combos that bring you back to a moment in time. For me, that’s pumpkin pie and coffee, and it takes me right back to the holidays. That might be because that’s the only time I have it, but each November, I am reminded of Thanksgivings as a kid, looking forward to nothing more than a slice of pumpkin pie and hoping for the day I’d be old enough to drink coffee.

To me, one of the best sides on Earth is a slice of bread. Not just any bread, but a crispy slice of Italian restaurant bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic glaze. It’s the perfect compliment to most dishes, but especially a good, comforting pasta.

Olivia Turner | Arts and Life Writer

When it comes to fire food combos, there’s nothing I’d rather eat for breakfast than acai and granola. It’s the perfect way to start my day, both refreshing and sweet. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so, because the rush to get some in the morning at Penland Dining Hall is no joke. As long as I get there before 9 a.m., I’m usually able to get a bowl of this icy, crunchy favorite.

Moving on from breakfast, this next one is way less healthy than the acai and granola, but balance is key — am I right? If there’s one thing I can’t resist with my lunch, it’s a basket of fries, but only if there’s ketchup. And I mean lots of ketchup. I like to call myself a ‘ketchup queen,’ in fact. Whoever thought of putting sour tomato sauce with pieces of fried potato is a genius, because I am addicted to fries and ketchup.