Spring has sprung: Get yourself outside

By Cameron Mccollum | Reporter

In between below-freezing wind chills and painfully 100-degree weather is my personal favorite season: spring. The season of blooming flowers, green leaves, pool days and wedding proposals.

One of my favorite things about the college experience is being able to walk outside and notice campus’ outdoor spaces alive and well. Walking around, I always see friends playing tennis, dogs running around, peers studying on benches, the campus cats chasing birds and many more casual outdoor activities.

With spring offering relaxing weather before the scorching Texas summer heat arrives, outdoor activity is at its most enjoyable time. Yet, a number of students will still only enjoy the weather on their walks to and from class. We need students spending more time outdoors.

There are many ways to spend time outdoors — throwing up a hammock on campus to a read a book, getting a blanket to take a nap on Fountain Mall or maybe even planning a picnic with some friends. Personally, I enjoy grabbing my laptop to study underneath a tree. There are so many great ways to spend time outdoors.

There are also benefits to spending time outdoors. We get extra vitamin D from the sun, pulling some out of seasonal depression. Going for walks can also lead to a decrease in the stress and anxiety of life.

Nature is most alive in the spring. The birds sing daily. The grass slowly becomes greener and greener. The squirrels all seem more squirrelly. The life that spring gives nature needs to be appreciated in our day-to-day.

A beautiful day spent indoors is a beautiful outdoor day wasted.

Now, I understand that with the spring season comes an assault for people who suffer from seasonal allergies — me included. However, allergies should not stop you from enjoying the longer days. When pollen forces me indoors on a pretty day, I am always sure to open blinds and sit by windows.

The official beginning of spring is also when courseloads begin to delve into more difficult topics. We spend a decent amount of our free time dedicated to our degrees and get locked in for hours on end. As I previously mentioned, I enjoy studying outdoors. Whether it is underneath a tree, at a table outside a coffee shop or even poolside, studying outdoors is very beneficial. For example, 20 minutes outdoors has the same effect as a cup of coffee, letting you study longer without caffeine.

We need to remember that it is important to be able to step back from the stress and smell the roses that spring blossoms.