Besties in the making: Ways you can bond with your roommate

Abby Roper | Photographer

By Erika Kuehl | Staff Writer

Moving into a tiny room with a stranger is intimidating. Rest assured, you don’t need to learn your roommate’s deepest secrets or memorize their family tree in one day. Here are five ways to create a stronger bond with them.

1. Decorate for fall together

Nothing brings people together like buying fake pumpkins and plastic autumn leaves. This can be the perfect activity to turn two sides of a room into a shared space.

2. Go rock climbing at the McLane Student Life Center

Baylor boasts the second-largest indoor collegiate rock wall in Texas, at 53 feet. It is conveniently located on campus, so you can walk there, spend a night away from studying and have a bonding experience all at the same time.

3. Bake cookies together

Most residence halls have a communal kitchen, so take advantage of it. Run to the store and buy some premade cookie dough, and if you’re feeling generous, share with the people on your floor.

4. Play a card game

My favorite is “We’re Not Really Strangers,” which asks deep questions engineered to help you learn more about the other players. Instead of you having to awkwardly ask your roommate deep questions, this game asks them for you.

5. Watch a show together

Pick a show with your roommate and watch an episode every day. This can be a fun routine to spend quality time with them. My personal suggestions are “Friends,” “Suits” and “Peaky Blinders.”

You’ll never forget your freshman roommate, so make the most of it.