Campus Living and Learning assigns Brooks Flats as summer housing option

Brooks Flats will be open for students that are planning to stay on campus during the summer for classes or preparing for fall sports. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

By Sydney Matthews | Staff Writer

Campus Living and Learning determined Brooks Flats Residence Hall as the summer housing option for students. Those who are taking classes on campus or training for fall sports will be able to stay in the residence hall for the duration of summer break.

Ian Philbrick, associate director for housing administration, said Campus Living and Learning chose Brooks Flats because of the amenities that are available for students. The apartment-style dorms include individual rooms, private bathrooms and a kitchen in the living space.

The residence hall is also close to a dining hall, Brooks Great Hall, that will also be open during the summer.

“I have loved living in Brooks this year, and I am happy that it will now be available for other students to enjoy during the summer,” Pleasanton freshman Kenley Everett said.

Everett said Brooks Flats’ location on campus was her favorite part of living there with it being in the middle of campus and close to Fountain Mall and the Bill Daniel Student Center.

“I loved having a private bedroom and bathroom,” Everett said. “Having a kitchen is also really nice and my roommates and I make food a lot together.”

Philbrick said if students want to apply, the application process is easy and takes around 10 minutes for them to complete. Most students at Baylor should have already used the housing portal entering their freshman year, he said.

“The summer is pretty fluid when it comes to how many students are in the dorms. In the school year, there is roughly the same amount of people between fall and spring semester,” Philbrick said. “[During] the summer, there are different sessions. Minimester is usually the smallest and by summer [session] two, it is usually the busiest. The residence hall is usually not completely full but it starts to build as we get closer to the fall.”

Summer housing applications began on March 20. Students can apply through the housing portal and can choose between “Apartment Single Gold” and “Apartment Double Gold,” both styles include a full kitchen. Students can also find move-in and move-out dates depending on their summer session, along with cost of living through the website.