Ranking Baylor’s dining halls

By Matti Pennington | Reporter

Baylor offers several dining options for students to choose from, with each location bringing something different to the table. Here is my ranking of the four dining halls. Let’s get right into it:

4. Brooks Great Hall

Coming in last place is Brooks Great Hall. Although this is my go-to dining hall for breakfast (seriously, their omelet station is amazing), Brooks Great Hall really doesn’t have much more to offer. They aren’t open as much as some dining halls and have the fewest options. The main appeal would be to Brooks residents because the location is so convenient. The food overall is good, but in my opinion the best part about eating in the dining halls is the amount of different food options, and due to the small size of Brooks Great Hall that isn’t achievable.

3. East Village Dining Commons

Next is East Village Dining Commons. East Village Dining Commons has a Mongolian grill, which allows the staff to create food that the other dining halls cannot. The reason East Village Dining Commons is second-to-last place in my opinion is the location. When I lived on campus, I was in Collins Residence Hall, which is on the complete opposite side of campus. Now that I live off campus, the only building I go to is the Castellaw Communications Center, which also is not close to East Village Dining Commons. Although I do like eating at East Village Dining Commons, I always have to go out of my way to eat there.

2. The Penland Crossroads

Although I do not always love the food I eat at the Penland Crossroads, it still comes in second place. The Penland Crossroads is open the most out of all the dining halls and is the largest dining hall. Its serving stations are split into Smokehouse, Southwest, Mediterranean, Deli and Bakery, so if at any time you got something you did not like, they always had an alternative option. Late Night is an awesome feature that the Penland Crossroads offers for anyone who wants a snack late at night. I always use this feature as a study break or after a long night in Moody.

1. 1845 at Memorial

Coming in first place is 1845 at Memorial. Seriously, out of all the dining halls this one has the best quality food. Their signature southwest chicken salad and Flying Saucers are my two all-time favorite meals I have ever had at a Baylor dining hall and they are both offered at 1845 at Memorial. One negative to 1845 at Memorial is that they are the only dining hall that is closed all day on Saturday and Sunday. I would eat at this dining hall any chance I got my freshman year and would recommend it to anyone out of all the dining halls offered on Baylor’s campus.