Waco PD creates Twitter account

By Linda Wilkins
Staff Writer

The Waco Police Department launched a Twitter account Tuesday evening in an effort to build more efficient communication with citizens.

W. Patrick Swanton, Waco PD’s public information officer, is managing the account.

“We have had a tremendous response so far,” Swanton said. He said the account is an attempt to let the community and citizens of Waco know what is going on. Safety tips, traffic updates and criminal activity reports will be shared via tweets, Swanton said.

He gave the example of a gas leak that occurred last week. In instances such as that, Waco PD now will have the ability to warn people of the dangers of certain areas faster than before, he said.

In addition, Swanton said the Waco PD wants to express the more positive side of the law by sharing humorous moments occurring in the police department.

“I think the interactions on Twitter will be positive,” Swanton said. “They will put a human face to the badge.” There are some limitations to the account because the account cannot be constantly updated, he said.

The Waco PD warns people not to share tips on the account because their identity can be easily found out. In addition, emergency calls should still be placed to 911, because the account is not updated or checked constantly. Follow the Waco PD at @WacoPolice.