A&L Tunesday: April 30

Illustration courtesy of Olivia Havre

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

If you’re searching for the ultimate finals week playlist, look no further. Here is some of the best new music to get you motivated and provide some much-needed moral support during the final stretch.

“Fresh Out The Slammer” by Taylor Swift (April 18)

This is one of my favorite songs off Swift’s latest album. While it is pretty repetitive, I feel like this song does it better than most of the others on the record, and the guitar that delivers that first note immediately transports me into a different dimension. On an album that can feel like one long song, I wouldn’t mind listening to this one for two hours straight. I wish more of the album were as good as this track.

“Bad Dream” by Wallows (April 26)

“Bad Dream” by Wallows has a rhythm reminiscent of Steve Lacy’s iconic song, “Dark Red,” but the overall sound is still so Wallows. The use of synth on this track is perfectly light-handed, and it has me very excited for what the rest of their new album will sound like. “Model” will drop on May 24.

“Close My Eyes” by Luke Hemmings (April 26)

Hemmings’ solo music is a surprising twist, considering the sound of the band he’s the lead singer for — 5 Seconds of Summer. “Close My Eyes” is fast-paced and synthy, and Hemmings’ vocals have a unique style that’s half-whine, half-operatic. All of this comes together to create a perfect alternative pop-rock track.