Blazing ahead: Waco Healthcare Opportunity Fair opens doors for students interested in medical field

The Waco Healthcare Opportunity Fair gives students the opportunity to meet professionals in their field of interest. Cameron Mccollum | Reporter

By Cameron Mccollum | Reporter

The Waco Healthcare Opportunity Fair hosted clinics, health centers and health specialists Tuesday to offer opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in health care.

Alex Stucky, senior career success professional, is a part of the team at the Career Center that has been organizing the fair since January.

“Planning this event was so fun,” Stucky said. “We thought about all the majors that we work with and what are some of the local agencies that could provide an opportunity for them — whether it be interning, shadowing, volunteering, full-time employment. And so we have gotten to use these awesome relationships we have with our employers, and we have gotten to provide the opportunities for them.”

Stucky said over 370 students were registered for the fair, with more than 120 check-ins within the first hour. The fair was not limited to pre-med students, but was open to any students interested in health care.

“It is for anyone interested in a career in health care,” Stucky said. “It is great for social work. It is great for speech, OT, PT, so if you are hoping to work in a health care setting, this is a great opportunity for you.”

Layton, Utah, junior Jordan Barager said the fair was a wonderful opportunity to practice networking skills and see other potential career options.

“I am taking a gap year between undergrad and medical school, so I am looking for scribing and medical assistant jobs,” Barager said. “The doctor’s office that I am doing an internship with was there, so I got to say hi to a nice familiar face, but it also opened doors for future opportunities.”

Karen Oakley, director of marketing for Elite Therapy Center, said the Waco Healthcare Career Fair is a fantastic opportunity to plant seeds in the minds of students who are pursuing their undergraduate degree because the event allows students to get to know their clinical directors and read their information.

“We are a teaching facility, so they can come in and watch the therapist do full therapy, and it is a great way for them to go, ‘Oh OK, yes, I have chosen the right career path. I am going to keep going,’” Oakley said. “Eventually, when they complete their degrees and they like to come back to work for us, they already have a great history from shadowing.”

Oakley said Elite Therapy Center works with the Baylor Career Center to be communicative with students who are looking for opportunities in health care.

“We are so grateful to be tethered with Baylor,” Oakley said.