A&L Tunesday: Nov. 13

Illustration courtesy of Olivia Havre

By Emma Weidmann | Arts and Life Editor

We’re in the homestretch this week. On Friday and Saturday, thousands of students will be taking a bus, a train or an airplane to head home for Thanksgiving break. Of course, nothing says travel like creating a playlist to get you through the trip.

Here’s some of the best new music this week to push you through to break and keep your attention up on a long drive home.

“Houdini” by Dua Lipa (Nov. 9)

Dua Lipa is back. While “Dance the Night” has earned a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year, Dua Lipa is not kicking her feet up. “Houdini” is another dance hit from the pop powerhouse. She channels ’80s synth inspo for this track, and I personally love the theme of the song. With that ending riff, she is magical — listen and you’ll know what I mean.

“Northern Attitude (with Hozier)” by Noah Kahan (Nov. 10)

Hozier and Noah Kahan are the perfect duo. Hozier’s ancient and ethereal voice combines with Kahan’s modern, folksy rasp for a match made in heaven. Although “Northern Attitude” is a song fans already know and love — in fact, Kahan opened his set with it at Austin City Limits last month — this new feature gives it a perfect, fresh spin.

Kahan has been on a roll recently, adding features from some of the best artists around to songs off “Stick Season” — the album that has launched him to a Best New Artist Grammy nomination. Am I the only one wondering, and hoping, that there will be a version of this album completely reworked with a feature for each track?

“True romance” by PinkPantheress (Nov. 10)

PinkPantheress’ creativity continues to shine on “Heaven knows” — the new album from the British alternative-pop princess. The crowd and camera noises are so unique and bring a special element to the song. One thing I always find myself thinking when I listen to PinkPantheress is that she has some of the least boring music being released now.

Not to throw hands at any other artists, but the “cursive singing” thing is becoming so played out, and PinkPantheress is a breath of fresh air, in my opinion. She is constantly doing something new, which is why we should mark her words — she will be the “female Rick Rubin.”

“What Am I Gonna Do” by Chris Stapleton (Nov. 10)

Chris Stapleton is not bound by one genre; he is country and soul and so much more, all at once. “What Am I Gonna Do” is just one of the songs off his new album, “Higher,” which came out Friday. He has one of the very best voices on the planet right now. Stapleton’s signature growl is tempered with a very sweet, melodic control that mixes for just the right amount of grit and gloss.