75th annual Singspiration ponders unity of homecomings past

Singspiration, a worship service for Baylor friends, family and students, is a Baylor Homecoming tradition celebrating its 75th year. Photo courtesy of Baylor University

By Olivia Eiken | Staff Writer

Capturing the spiritual essence of the Baylor Homecoming celebration, Baylor alumni, the Baylor Religious Hour Choir and Seventh and James Baptist Church welcome all to attend the 75th Singspiration worship service. The service will be held from 7 to 8:15 p.m. Friday at Seventh and James Baptist Church.

Singspiration is one of the many deep-rooted traditions that define the true meaning and embodiment of the Baylor Homecoming experience. Students, alumni and parents gather to sing spiritual praise, honoring the great legacy of music in the church at Baylor.

Baylor alumna Jordan Oestreich has worked for Alumni Engagement the past few years and has immensely helped in the success of Singspiration. Oestreich credits the unity of homecoming for the past, present and future success of the event.

“It’s a neat event in that it brings together so many entities to pull off,” Oestreich said. “I love the teamwork this event requires. We work together with the Baylor Religious Hour Choir, the School of Music and their choirs and volunteers from across the Waco community that lead worship for their churches. Seventh and James Baptist Church is always a wonderful host for the event. We couldn’t be more blessed.”

Fellowship and unity allow for the continuation of Singspiration. All who attend, regardless their level of spiritual involvement, are sure to benefit from the sense of community fostered by Singspiration.

Dr. Burt Burleson, university chaplain and dean of spiritual life, credits Singspiration for having a notable impact on his personal Baylor experience.

Because I was very involved with Pigskin and the Baylor Chamber, I wasn’t able to attend as a student,” Burleson said. “Since my return to service as chaplain, I’ve attended a handful of times and am moved seeing the old and young sing together. It’s truly beautiful.”

Oestreich noted that joining in worship is a great way for people of varying spiritual involvement to strengthen their experience and sense of community at Baylor.

“I love that Singspiration brings so many people together from the Baylor Family, regardless of what church they attend or where they live,” Oestreich said. “It is such a perfect picture of unity and Christ’s desire for the church — that we would all join together as one and glorify Him. This event is unique and special to Baylor. You would be hard-pressed to find another university across the country that puts on such an event during their homecoming week, prioritizing worship and community at the same time.”