Singspiration brings alumni, students together for homecoming worship

By Julia Lawrenz | Broadcast Reporter

Singspiration is Baylor’s annual homecoming worship service. There was a packed house with only standing room available at 7th and James Baptist Church on Friday evening. Families, alumni and students came to support two milestones for Baylor, as well as to take part in the live music.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Baylor Religious Hour choir, this year’s Singspiration commemorated the alumni choir by singing songs that have impacted the group’s lives throughout the years. The Baylor Symphony Choir in the School of Music was the orchestra for Singspiration and they were recognized for their four back-to-back American Prize wins.

BRH alumnus Sam Perry said this event is special to him in many ways.

“It is just meaningful to people on a deep spiritual level,” Perry said. “This touches the heart strings of people. When they get to gather together and in one voice and worship the Lord and really unite their hearts together.”

The director of Singspiration, James Kimmel, has led Singspiration for three years and has been involved with the event for 15 years.

“Singspiration is a unique event because it’s uniquely Baylor, it’s a Christian event,” Kimmel said, “it is a incredible event because we come together from all different generations, all different parts of the country, all different families, all different things that might divide us but we come together and and celebrate the unity we have in Jesus Christ.”