Mindfulness is the best superpower

By Assoah Ndomo | Photographer

I don’t want to start off by saying that our generation is full of degenerates, but it’s full of degenerates. Too harsh? OK, I’ll chill out. What I’m trying to say is that the communication skills humans used to have 10 years ago are all gone. Remember when kids used to talk to each other in person in the neighborhood? Now, they spend time on the latest iPad. Technology has connected us, but now everyone is the same. People are a product of popular trends, and now being different is a sin. So how does mindfulness come into play?

Mindfulness is the act of being present, the ability to be aware. You begin to perceive people in the right way since you can see everyone for who they really are. Your mind begins to take control, rather than your heart. Choices become clearer, and if they’re hazy, they’re easier to figure out. Mindfulness makes each moment more precious than the next.

To be honest, social media has been the biggest villain in our lives, which is why we need something to combat it. People not being mindful of their social media habits have increased depression, seclusion, stress levels and other negative effects. With mindful practices, your sole purpose is to focus on the present, which reduces stress and rumination. Focus on one thing and let the rest be.

I’ll admit, in a world where information is thrown at us every three seconds, it’s hard to focus on only one thing. Since 2000, the attention span of people in the United States has gone from 12 seconds to eight seconds. I have friends who say they cannot read a book anymore. Practicing mindful techniques, such as meditation and yoga, is the best way for people to gain control over their lives again.

Mindfulness comes with all kinds of benefits: less anxiety, more sleep and greater compassion. The most important benefit is the ability to manifest your life. You sharpen your focus, and you’re able to recognize when you’re distracted. This awareness allows you to continue working on the life you want to live, not the monotonous one your screens are constantly showing you.