Student sound-off: Houses vs. apartments

Is it better to live in a house or an apartment after moving off campus? Assoah Ndomo | Photographer

By Olivia Eiken | Staff Writer

Choosing where you want to live after moving off campus is a big and sometimes difficult decision. One of the first steps is determining whether you want to live in a house or an apartment. While it will largely depend on your individual wants and needs, two Baylor students weighed in on why they decided to live where they do.

Crockett senior Katie Bradshaw resides in a house, while Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, junior Jose Chirivella lives in an apartment.

What are the benefits?

Bradshaw: “The main pro is having my own space. When I was in the dorms, I did not have my own room, and now I do. I love coming home to my own space after a busy day of classes and work. Plus, I get to have more control over the heating and air conditioning. I have a full kitchen, and if the internet goes out, I can find someone to fix it instead of just accepting the fact that the internet is just out.”

Chirivella: “An apartment is smaller, so it’s usually easier to handle. There’s also a gym and movie room for residents to use whenever they want to. I also appreciate that it already comes furnished. This is especially nice if you’re not trying to break the bank buying all new furniture for your home.”

What are the downsides?

Bradshaw: “Since living in my house, my air conditioner has gone out. I have had electrical issues and plumbing problems … It is a bit harder to try and get someone out to fix the issues. When living on campus, all I had to do was fill out a form saying what the issue was, and it was fixed in no time … That’s not necessarily the case when living in a house. It took a whole week to get a repair person out because of my class and work schedule.”

Chirivella: “Since I live on the first floor, I hear all the stomping from the units above me, which can be irritating. I’ve also found that the companies that manage these apartment complexes don’t seem to be the best. They aren’t urgent to care about maintenance concerns, in my opinion.”

Why did you ultimately choose to live where you do?

Bradshaw: “Last year, I started thinking about who I was going to live with for my senior year and reached out to some friends. Around that time, some seniors in my sorority were looking for people to fill their lease, and it just kind of all made sense. I took one tour and fell in love with the cute home and signed the lease the next month.”

Chirivella: “Mainly, I’d say I chose it because one, the rent wasn’t bad at the time, and most of the utilities are included with the monthly price. And two, there is a reliable shuttle to take me to and from school. This is a big deal to me, being that I don’t come from the mainland [United States] and don’t have a car.”

Olivia Eiken
Olivia Eiken is a junior journalism and public relations major from Tiskilwa, IL, studying within the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and minoring in civic interfaith studies. Outside of the classroom and extracurriculars, she enjoys playing a quick 9-hole round of golf when the weather is nice. After graduation, she plans on moving to Chicago to pursue a job in media writing or public affairs.