Call me lame: Spend your spring break resting, not partying

By Caitlyn Meisner | Copy Editor

Finally, spring break is almost here. I know this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

When it comes to spring break, I think we can all agree this is the time to rest and recharge before we slide into the second half of the spring semester. After all, it is just a few short weeks before summer arrives.

Though many of us may believe it’s time to relax, that is not the consensus for all college students. I mean, there’s dozens of movies about the notorious week in March when college students go crazy on beaches and get in all sorts of trouble.

I wish I could say my spring breaks have lived up to this hype, but they haven’t. As a freshman, I didn’t even have spring break because of COVID-19. I’ve really only had one shot to make it as unbelievable as the film industry makes it out to be.

I’ve always taken my breaks during the school year as a time to relax, see family or just spend time with the people I don’t get to see or talk to as often because my schedule is so hectic throughout the week. This year, I’m flying to Washington, D.C., to spend some well-deserved relaxation time with my boyfriend.

Although I do have to get on a plane and spend time in some of the finest airports Texas has to offer, I know my time in the district will be full of rest with some light sightseeing. I have absolutely no plans to pack my days with events, partying or working: I simply want to sleep as much as possible and spend my days the way I want because I’m not able to during the semester.

I’ve written a lot about setting realistic expectations and making sure you get enough rest, and it’s one of my most-voiced opinions. I truly believe the only way you can be successful is by resting the appropriate amount of time so you can continue to put out your best work.

For me, it’s not possible to put out my best work and strive for good grades if I don’t take this designated break.

So, instead of traipsing around the beaches of Florida or California, or even packing your days full of New York City tours, find a space to relax and recharge this week. I know I’ll be catching up on some much deserved TV binge-watching and quality time with my boyfriend. This week, I’ll be watching Julia Louis Dreyfus in “Veep,” one of my favorite political comedies, on HBO Max.

Call me lame; I don’t care. This is the perfect way for me to spend my break, and it’s OK if your way differs.

If you want to go ahead and party the days away, then be my guest. Just don’t complain to me when you’re flying back on Saturday and you’re still exhausted
come Monday in your 8 a.m. class.