Cue the bloopers: Outtakes from The Editorial Board

Gwen Henry | Cartoonist

By The Editorial Board

If you’ve glanced at The Morning Buzz in your inbox a time or two, you’ve probably noticed a couple pieces labeled “editorial” featured in the opinion section each week. Over the course of the school year, we — The Editorial Board — have worked together to create pieces critically dissecting issues across our campus, Waco and the U.S. in general. Together, we’ve delved into different perspectives on these topics and discussed potential solutions.

Who is “we,” though? What even is “The Editorial Board,” you may ask?

Well, we’re a team of writers and editors — all with differing opinions and viewpoints on the world. Meaning, in turn, there were plenty of significant and thoughtful topics proposed for pieces during our meetings that didn’t quite make it to the website. So, what ever happened to all the editorials we didn’t write?

While these ideas are outtakes of a sort, it doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of their own time to shine. In fact, we’ve decided to push some of our favorites into the spotlight for this last piece. Here they are…

Reconnect with your inner child.

In the process of entering the real world — moving away from home, making our own decisions and pursuing careers — students may experience a sort of disconnect in identity. The world is so complicated nowadays. What ever happened to who we used to be when we were kids? What about the activities we used to enjoy, the things we used to be curious about and the dreams that got us to where we are today? Maybe trying to reconnect with our inner child in whatever way is most meaningful could be a healing experience for all of us.

Start having conversations with your family about end-of-life planning.

On a more morbid (but significant) note, here’s something not a lot of students feel they need to discuss with their parents. Unfortunately, there will be a day when they’re no longer here, and it’s best to be prepared for it. Approaching the end of our parents’ lives will include many decisions regarding health care, treatment, living situations and burial. It is best to hear their wishes ahead of time.

Are we too sensitive, and will it hold us back?

We’ve all heard it before from someone who is older than us: “Your generation is so sensitive!” Cue the eyeroll. But what if we actually are? What if Generation Z’s heightened awareness and sensitive emotions are creating a combative approach to all criticism, even just constructive feedback? This stereotype certainly does not apply to all of us, but it is making its way into the workplace and hindering how companies view our generation.

Consumerism is taking over our generation.

Again with the Gen Z slander, we know. But it’s true. Some of us have been having a little too much fun shopping. Sometimes the words “want” and “need” get mixed up when it comes to checking things off our shopping lists. It doesn’t help that social media projects an unrealistic expectation of college life due to the promotion of stylish fits and dorms filled with trendy decor. Let’s keep in mind, though, that we are broke college kids, so there’s no shame if we aren’t sporting all the latest trends and fashions.

Go to tutoring.

A lot of students never need tutoring until they get to college, which can be a scary reality since they’re used to passing classes with ease and understanding course content the first time around. However, if even Khan Academy and the Green brothers can’t seem to help you, don’t waste hours struggling on your own. It’s time to turn to tutoring. Baylor offers free tutoring anyway, so why not?

Why do we care so much about the royal family?

Throwback to when Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, overtook our For You Pages in talks of going missing and having affairs. It got us thinking: Why does everyone care so much about the royal family? They went from being the epitome of the monarchy to being a beefed up version of the Kardashians — somehow with even more scandal. Should we be idolizing a family of misfits who parade around in the riches of British taxpayers?

Professors should be required to study education.

Most professors don’t have education degrees, and sometimes it shows. They may be experts on the subject they teach, but not on how to teach it. Correct us if we’re wrong, but talking with no PowerPoint and no discussion for an hour and 15 minutes does not count as teaching. If they aren’t required to study education, they should at least be required to participate in the Academy for Teaching and Learning.

You can disagree with your government and still be patriotic.

Although this idea was pitched months ago, one can’t help but think of the current protests happening on college campuses across the country. Loving your country includes holding it accountable and not being complacent. It’s an intelligent and vital part of citizenship to question leadership decisions.

NASA plans to build houses on the moon. Are we moving too fast?

Get ready: Apparently, people are going to live on the moon soon! There are already financial developments in space — or rather, in place — for this mission. But these astronomic advances cause us to wonder: what if NASA’s plan is going too far? Maybe we should just learn to bloom where we’re planet-ed.

Being a good leader doesn’t mean being the loudest in the room.

Despite common misconceptions, you don’t have to be an extrovert or have the most active vocal chords to be a leader. There are many different types of effective leadership styles. So, if you feel the desire to take on a leadership role, heed the call. Figure out your personality type and find a leadership style that works for you.