Golden Gooses are a waste of money

The designer brand, Golden Goose, is most known for its sneakers. Kenneth Prabhakar | Photo Editor

By Sydney Matthews | Staff Writer

I appreciate high fashion brands. I am one to marvel at the Guccis and Louis Vuittons of the world. I even find myself in those designer stores looking around like I know what I am doing or acting like I am going to buy something just to have the experience. I do love it. But there is one designer brand that I don’t think I will ever fully understand or be able to justify why it is so expensive. That brand is Golden Goose.

My freshman year was the first time I had ever heard of the brand Golden Goose. If you are like me and haven’t heard of it either, let me explain. Golden Goose is a designer brand that sells Italian crafted products. They sell anything from jewelry to handbags, but they are most famous for their sneakers.

The sneakers they sell are not the usual highly-crafted designs like what you would see at other stores of its kind. Instead, Golden Goose sells shoes that look like they have been worn and abused for 10 years. If you were to dig up your old Skechers Twinkle Toes from third grade, that is pretty much what they look like, except they do not sell for the same rate as Skechers. These sneakers range between $500 to over $2000.

I had my first experience with Golden Goose when I went into the store at NorthPark Center in Dallas. I browsed around until I saw 20 people drawing on their newly-purchased $500 shoes with markers of all colors.

If buying shoes that look like they have been dragged through the mud wasn’t enough to make them second guess their purchase, now they could write their names and scribble on them.

For me, sneakers that are not in pristine condition are not worth a high price. I already wear my shoes that were in perfect condition when I first purchased them until the sole falls off and the laces are stained with dirt. I do not need them to come that way.

I will give it to Golden Goose, though; they are very unique. I don’t know of any other designer brand that would sell shoes that purposefully look ruined. I give them credit and respect, their marketing strategy that has clearly worked well for them.

I see Golden Gooses everywhere on Baylor’s campus. They are a trend that can’t be ignored. I encourage everyone to use their money to buy whatever makes them happy and confident, but as for myself, I will not be partaking in this fashion statement.

If you are in the same boat as me and don’t yet have Golden Goose sneakers, never feel pressured to spend money on something that you see no reason to buy just because it is a trend. Whether you are a Golden Goose owner or not, embracing self-expression through clothing is something we can all agree is important.