Column: Heat for all my wise women’s feet

MADE in USA 993 Core. Photo courtesy of New Balance.

By Eric Gilmore | Guest Contributor

(In a singing voice) It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Your mom is yelling, and your sister’s telling you what to wear. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s time to hang up the sandals, platforms and other open-toe caskets for your feet. Time to BeReal and BeCool again.

Converse Chuck 70 high

I get it, you already own Converse but you don’t own these. The Chuck 70 is the premium version of the normal off the shelf chuck. With more structure, ticker materials and overall a better look these are perfect for the cooler months. Wear them with shorts, taller white socks and a sweater. Get crazy with some baggy pants, or if you’re feeling warm put on some sweatpants. These shoes are perfect for year-round, but I think they are a great fall shoe. Get a fun color and rock these babies till New Year’s.

J.Crew Rowan Penny Loafer

You’re cool, well at least you think you’re cool. You finally realized it’s OK to not wear a sorority shirt with a Lulu skirt everyday. I’m here to take you to a place you never realized you could go to. Welcome to the crew, J.Crew. Penny loafers you will see all the celebrities wearing a penny loafer this fall. Wear them with white socks, wear with pants, skirts, shorts or anything really. I think of the loafer as a nicer version of the Vans slip-on. Don’t be scared the bad boys don’t bite. Beware, once you enter the world of the loafer there is no going back.

New Balance 993

Now you’re still a sporty girl. You go to the gym, walk around the farmers market and get Dutch Bros on the regular. Because you still want to show off the athletic side of you, the New Balance 993 is perfect for that. A simple yet classic old man looking shoe. You will finally get that “ahhhhh” feeling that your dad gets when he puts on his pair. Not only will you and the rest of the retirement community be matching, but you will look so cute and trendy. Make sure to wear biker shorts, white socks and a crewneck. While wearing your Sunday fit take some pictures holding your coffee and let the world see.

Mlmorgan Chunky Chelsea Boots

Some days it gets cold and even icy in Waco. For these once in a while opportunities, you need the perfect boot. These chunky chelsea boots not only give a little bit of a punk look, but also a “hey I like the outdoors too” type of vibe. I feel these are the perfect way to stay warm. Wear some baggy pants, an oversized hoodie, beanie and these boots. Your feet will stay warm and protected from the elements. While you’re wearing these boots make sure to stop by an REI and talk about how much you love nature.

Dr. Martens Mary Jane

Yes, Doc Marten was a Nazi. Now that I have acknowledged this we will continue. The Doc Martens Mary Jane, I feel like, is the most overlooked shoe that they sell. They still have that chunky almost boot like derby feel, but the straps make it really cool. These are really a great look for those not too cold days but also with some thick socks could be perfect. I think another great shoe for fall days in shorts and colder days in jeans. You really can’t go wrong with these shoes.