Review: ‘Ozark’ finale divides fans

Photo courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

By Clay Thompson | Reporter

I never expected Netflix’s “Ozark” to end so soon, but with the likes of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” ending in single-digit seasons, the streaming crime drama knew when and how to go out on top.

Currently sitting at Netflix’s No.1 spot, the finale of “Ozark” has left its fans incredibly divided, as its IMDb rating currently stands at 6.9/10.

First, I would like to address this without spoilers because personally, I loved the ending of the show. I felt if audiences took a closer look at the themes and motifs the show has had since its inception, the ending might leave them much more satisfied than after its initial viewing.

Speaking as someone who binged the entirety of the show to write this review, I can say that watching it in such a short period of time helped me to appreciate the ending better.

Now, regarding the more traditional parts of the review, the acting in “Ozark” has always been superb, with Jason Bateman, Laura Linney and Julia Garner rightly receiving the most praise for their respective performances.

However for this final part of the final season, I have to say that Linney and Garner were the most amazing by far. Their performances of characters fans have grown to love or hate just dial their emotions and drama up to an 11 in the best possible way.

The story of the final season progressed well I felt, although the plot of the first part of season four left me a bit skeptical as to its authenticity as a story point for me. I felt the second part does a great job of tying up loose ends, as well as providing — if not super meaningful — a well-deserved sendoff and development for the main characters.

The camerawork, editing and soundtrack are wonderful as always. The camera never shies away from the deplorable and gruesome acts the characters commit to further their goals, and the music and editing pair well with the actions of the story and characters.

While the ending of the show and how it was handled may feel like a blast to the chest for some fans, I found the second part of the final season of “Ozark” to be fitting for its themes and its characters. The show went out with a bang, like any good crime drama, and I don’t regret a second of my time watching this great show.