Hunter Walker is the best choice for EVP

By Meah Wilburn | Contributor

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana. For Church, For Texas. The office of External Vice President upholds this foundation precept of Baylor University like no other. And I believe there is no better candidate to fill this role than Hunter Walker.

Last week was the first time I felt compelled to vote truly intentionally and thoughtfully in a Student Government election. Normally, I would vote for a few of my friends and submit a half-empty form. Normally, I wouldn’t even know that a run-off election was being held. Hunter Walker, someone who I have not yet had the privilege to meet personally, changed that. I know Hunter only by the ways in which I have seen him serve the members of his community. His actions, and the heart behind his actions, speak for themselves.

The slogan “Unity in Community” should feel especially poignant for us Bears. Unity not only within our student body, but unity with the greater Waco community is the very image of equity. Every Baylor student, dare I say, has heard about the “Baylor Bubble.” We have stratified ourselves from the community that we should be serving, and Hunter’s desire to undo that lies at the heart of his campaign. His repertoire of service in Waco is just as extensive as it is at Baylor. He has served tirelessly at Mission Waco, the World Hunger Relief Farm and My Brother’s Keeper Waco, among others.

Luke 12:48 says “To whom much is given, much will be required.” As students at a well-endowed university, Hunter understands the responsibility we have to uplift our neighbors. Hunter’s plan to utilize our platform is multifaceted:

1. Opening our facilities, such as the SLC, to underprivileged Waco youth. We have the resources to enrich their lives through fitness, experiencing athletic events and giving them exposure to an environment of higher education. These are the kinds of things that create systemic, sustainable change in kids’ lives.

2. Emphasizing off-campus service opportunities to promote mutually beneficial service. Hunter’s volunteer experience with Waco organizations gives him a unique perspective and entry point into off-campus service.

3. Alleviating COVID-19 impacts on students and Waco citizens. For students, Hunter advocates for a safe return of the social events that make the Baylor experience so unique. This can happen by magnifying our pandemic relief efforts. We can, and should, be extending our resources and relief to Wacoans. Hunter knows that a return to normalcy for Baylor requires a return to normalcy for Waco.

As the Social Chair for my sorority, I am voting for Hunter in the interest of my sisters as well as the interests of my neighbors in Waco. I am truly encouraged by Hunter’s commitment to alleviating the impacts of COVID-19.

Hunter has an understanding of responsibility, equity and servant leadership that demonstrates a wisdom well beyond his years. He has built a mission-driven campaign in #walkwithwalker that serves the Kingdom before all else. The Christian mission transcends political agendas and ideology, and this mission is at the center of Hunter’s campaign.

Meah is a sophomore Business Fellow from Lee’s Summit, Mo.