10 Things you might have missed in Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’

Photo courtesy of Imdb

Thomas Moran | Arts and Life Editor


1. In the opening scene, there is a VHS of the movie “C.H.U.D.” which is about subterranean creatures — clearly foreshadowing the plot of “Us.”

2. Jeremiah 11:11, which appears multiple times throughout the movie, does not only speak of the wrath of God. The numbers are also symmetrical, paralleling the Tethered and those who live above ground.

3. A couple in the earlier portion of the movie is seen playing rock, paper, scissors. Each of these items return with significance later in the movie.

4. The sign above the fun house that young Adelaide enters at the beginning of the movie says “Find Yourself.” After entering, she literally finds another version of herself.

5. At one point in the movie, a real spider is seen crawling on and around a fake toy spider, signifying that the real Adelaide is coming to reclaim her spot above the ground.

6. Early in the movie, Adelaide hides a stuffed white bunny toy in a drawer. Viewers later find out this is an example of her repressing the memory of her past when she lived underground, feeding off white rabbits.

7. The man who Jason sees standing on the beach with his bloody hands held outward is not just a lunatic. He is the first Tethered to kill his doppleganger and prepare for the chain across America.

8. Throughout the movie, Zora wears several shirts that either have an image of a rabbit on them or say “rabbit” in another language.

9. Zora’s Tethered counterpart is named Umbrae, which is derived from the word umbra, which refers to the darkest part of a shadow.

10.A Baylor alum from the class of 2018performed as an extra in the movie, appearing on-screen multiple times throughout the movie.