Party culture exists at Baylor

Photo credit: Rewon Shimray

It is not uncommon for community leaders at Baylor to tell students that if they consume alcohol they must find a place to “crash” instead of returning to their dorm intoxicated, because they may have to get law enforcement involved. The dangers of alcohol abuse need to be addressed, even at a dry, Christian school, yet the current conversation is unhealthy and ineffective.

In order to start a positive narrative surrounding the dangers of drinking, there needs to be a culture of transparency as a school. Students placing themselves in a hazardous position because they are intoxicated and afraid of the consequences is not productive. Instead, it incites a culture of lying and hypocrisy.

The dangers of “crashing” at an unknown location are numerous; sexual assault, violence and even death are all possible. You cannot trust strangers to consider your well-being their first priority.

Baylor’s Baptist roots create a dishonest tone surrounding party culture. Though people party, it is outwardly looked down upon or hypocritically spoken about. This creates an unhealthy environment built on deception and the innate need to create a “perfect” image. As an institution, this attitude needs to be changed. It harbors the idea that if no one is aware of the wrong you are doing, it is not happening.

Underage drinking is obviously illegal on and off Baylor campus, but the safety of students should be prioritized. There should be an action plan in place that all students are aware of in the event that amistake has been made and has no safe place to go.

– Emilee Edwards, a Granbury freshman