What’s the Scoop on Heritage?

Photo Credit: Liesje Powers | Lariat Photo Editor

By Seth Jones | Reporter

Usually an ice cream shop is not the first place a student considers when deciding where to study or hang out with friends, but Heritage Creamery looks to change that.

Rifle Co. Senior Adam Rice, and outside sales manager for Heritage, said he believes the new shop can serve as a unique setting for students. He says the goal for his and his co-workers is to make Heritage, “a place where Baylor students can come hang out.”

“It’s a really relaxed atmosphere… It’s a cool building to be in,” Rice said.

While Heritage has been selling ice cream since February 2015 at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, they opened their own retail space o. Eighth Street in March of this year. The location places Heritage Creamery right next to the popular study spot/coffee shop Common Grounds..

Blake and Kimberly Batson, Baylor graduates and owners of Common Grounds and Heritage Creamery, had a clear vision for what they wanted the building next to Common Grounds to be.

According to Plano senior Caleb Reynolds and front of house manager for Heritage, the thinking behind what Heritage would sell was pretty simple.

“What can we make that is not already in Waco that we can make the best?” Reynolds said.

That was the thinking that led the Batsons to open the ice cream shop, and from a quality standpoint, Reynolds believes Heritage is the best.

“This is a premiere product,” Reynolds said. “There’s nothing artificial in our ice cream, and you can taste it.”

According to www.heritagecreamery.com, Heritage makes everything in-house, from scratch, every single day. This ensures that all of our products are all-natural and free from artificial preservatives, stabilizers, or anti-melting and freezing agents.

For the die-hard coffee fans that don’t want to give up their fix to try out Heritage, Coffee Stracciatella ice cream is available for purchase along with 11 other unique flavors. They post all 12 flavors for any given day on their their Instagram.

The high quality of the ice cream, coupled with a new building, makes Heritage Creamery an intriguing alternative to an on-campus library or a coffee shop (even if there is one right next door).