Guerrilla Troupe to perform SING Spectacular

Members of Guerrilla Troupe rehearse for their irreverent version of Sing Friday and Saturday. Photo credit: Penelope Shirey

This year’s All-University Sing season will kick off with Guerrilla Troupe’s Sing Spectacular at 10:30 p.m. today as well as at 2 p.m. and 8:30 pm tomorrow.

In the midst of the All-University Sing madness, Guerrilla Troupe is offering a chance to sit back and relax at one of their improvisational comedy shows while Baylor’s Sing competitors battle each other for the coveted prize—a ticket to Pigskin.

Spokan, Wash. junior Gabe Lipton said students should come see Guerrilla Troupe’s take on Sing; it is, after all, much cheaper than a ticket for the Sing in Waco Hall.

“You should go, you got nothing to lose. It’s only three bucks,” Lipton said. “It’s something to do on Saturday night. Also, it’s such a unique entertainment experience. It’s live and very interactive. You can goof around with your friends while you’re there. It’s just such a cool and relaxed environment.”

As a prelude to the live show, Guerrilla Troupe has released the first two videos of a “Sing Series” on their Facebook page, exposing the behind-the-scenes hijinks of their “secret” Sing act. The mini-episodes stay true to Guerrilla Troupe’s improvisational stage performances.

“They’re funny because we don’t really plan out ahead what we want to do,” said Spicewood junior Tiffany Navarro. “We get a loose structure of what the big plot points should be and then the camera rolls and we just improv.”

It could be much later in the semester before Guerrilla Troupe hosts another performance. Guerrilla Troupe is a group that depends heavily on the availability of performance spaces as well as its own members, who are deeply involved with Baylor Theatre. Guerrilla Troupe’s SING Spectacular will serve as an opening act to the peak season of Baylor Theatre, Baylor Opera Theatre and All-University Sing.

However, Guerrilla Troupe fans can look forward to more episodes in the video series during the hiatus.

“This is the first series we’ve done and hopefully we keep doing them,” said Navarro. “When we can’t have shows, it’s a fun way to make funny things in the meantime.”

The Guerrilla Troupe SING Spectacular will be held at the Mabee Theater with an admission price of $3.

Meet the Members of Guerrilla Troupe: Gabe Lipton

Q: Why did you join G troupe?

A: I got into G Troupe my freshman year. I had actually only seen one show. I didn’t really know what it was. Some friends of mine wanted to go see G Troupe and I’m a theater major so I knew a lot of the other theater majors who were in it. I knew it was improv so I thought “Oh, cool!” I watched it, it was really funny and a lot of fun to watch. They announced that they were going to have auditions for it. I had done a little improv in high school and I’ve always liked doing little bits and stuff for friends and I had always watched “Whose Line is it Anyway?” growing up. So I just auditioned, had a good audition, got in and it was great! I only ever saw that one show, though!

Q: What was your first defining experience upon entering G Troupe?

A: The first show I did was for something called “Meet the Majors”. Prospective students come and check out the department. Since we are so affiliated with the theater department, our teacher asked us to come do a 45 minute set and tell the kids about improv. I hadn’t been in any shows yet, I’d been in G Troupe for only a couple of weeks, so I signed up.. I was in a guessing game called Three Things were we just say gibberish and act out whatever the suggestions are and my suggestion was Lord of the Rings. We were playing hockey, but instead of playing in a rink we were playing in Middle Earth. I decided to just get really elaborate with it and I basically acted out the entire plot of Lord of the Rings in gibberish and miming. It ended up being really funny. Lucas, one of the other G Troupe members, was in the crowd that day and gave me that suggestion! We still remember that little connection. So that was my defining moment where I knew I could do improv.

Q: What do you hope to achieve from G Troupe in your post-college career?

A: I’m very interested in directing and creating my own material post-graduation. It’s really hard to just throw yourself into the mix where everyone is auditioning for movies and shows. It’s hard to be noticed and start a career that way. If you write your own stuff and can create your own opportunities, it gives you an edge, if you can do it well. I’m very focused on trying to hone those skills. It’s been cool the way G Troupe works. Now that we are at the helm of it, we are trying to do videos and extra events and pushing G Troupe’s limits as much as we can. Improv is huge for someone who wants to be a director and keep acting in the future.

untitled shoot_PJS-February 17, 2016-12.jpg
Guerrilla Troupe member Gabe Lipton

Q: What would you tell anyone considering coming to the show?

A: You should go, you got nothing to lose! It’s only three bucks! It’s something to do on Saturday night. Also, it’s such a unique entertainment experience. It’s live and very interactive. You can goof around with your friends while you’re there. It’s just such a cool and relaxed environment.

Q: What has been your worst, most awkward moment onstage?

A: My worst moment wasn’t the worst because it wasn’t funny; it actually got a huge laugh, but it was very unintentional. It was my first year and it was a game called Slideshow where you assume poses and freeze, and a “teacher” comes and explains all the poses and teaches a lecture. Another girl in the group and I assumed a pose that inadvertently ended up looking a little more risqué than we’d intended! It took about ten full seconds to realize that and before everyone started laugh specifically at that pose. We realized the position we were in and slowly tried to readjust out of it. By then the damage had already been done. That was my most unfortunate moment. But it got a big laugh and a lot of people remember it!

Q: What has been your best/funniest moment onstage?

A: Actually, that might be my best moment too! I just remember it getting a huge laugh. That’s what’s fun about improv, those are always the best moments, when the joke is nothing you could have planned. It just happens and that’s when it’s the funniest! And that’s when everyone breaks down onstage too, which is always fun.

Q: Tell us something about yourself.

A: Bugs. I am terrified of them. Just irrationally. Can’t stand them!